My pony honnie &bowel cancer

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  1.  Three years ago.i had emergency op for bowel cancer.l left wiith astoma. Going to my friends grooming the ponies.eventuallylast yeR.igot back riding.properly schooling in areana.  I wrote a piece for Exmoor pony society.   I won atrophy&rossette.ive not seen yet.first lockdown. Then foundby regular ct which was postponed three months due lockdown.amass on my ovaries.since been told .its my colon cancer spread.i didnt havechemo because my heart&lungs two bad. I had op to remove mass.a month ago. Has recovering from op.i got ill went in hospital.tranfred to another. My aorta has tear in affect my treatment.   I had major  taa op 13 years ago. When then ponies helped me get back to me. I love seeing other peoples ponies on facebook.plan to go say hello.i miss them so much.i say honnie friend who officially owns them knows that. I have oncology 28th this month.then vascular in october. Just taken it day by determined to be back with the ponies.their so inturtive&loving. This is honnie last year.  this the gang.i havent showed buffy for a bit.another paz ponies but deos a good mealie mouth kiss..
  • Glad to know the ponies are helping. I think Exmoors are very beautiful.

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    Hi newliz

    i have just read your story , I have a horse and pony ( well the horse is actually my daughters, but they are ‘ours’ ), my daughter and I were very active with them , I loved poo picking, mucking out in the frosty cold early winter mornings, the the beautiful summer evening rides in the local forest,,,,,Then ,, it all changed,, COVID hit, and then I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,, I was in hospital for 3.5 weeks seriously I’ll , 6 attempts to get a stint put into my bile duct ,and to get my liver working correctly, 

    its now been 4.months since I was diagnosed, I am having chemotherapy every other week, and it has been tough , I am awaiting a scan to see how things are and whether I can be put forward for and operation.

    my whole life changed now , on my week off chemo my daughter takes me to see our horses, grooming is as much as I can do if I am very careful, but I don’t look at what i used to do, I enjoy what I do do with them no matter how small it may seem, they understand,!! It is in their looks and body language, and to me that is priceless,