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I'm due to have a mastectomy and reconstruction in a couple of weeks. I live alone with my very excitable and lively 2 year old dog. My only concern is while I have the drains in and wether he would pull them out. Any suggestions? He's definitely part of my family, so don't want to put him in kennels.

  • Hi . I am not familiar with drains, so don't know how they affect you. I have boisterous German Shep. Although I am through treatment, she knows when to leave me alone. I believe dogs have a sense that knows when we are not well and act accordingly. You need to see how it goes. You will be better with the company than without. You may be surprised. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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    Many thanks for your reply. Can only keep fingers crossed that he'll understand the situation. Drains are what are put in the operation area to get rid of excess fluid that builds up. It's a tube that drains into a bag. Usually there for about 2 weeks. 

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    Good morning Jambo6114

    The Cinnamon Trust has a network of volunteers that help the elderly with keeping their dogs home, I'm sure if you contact them they will be able to put you in touch with a local to you volunteer to help you walk your furry friend. Link posted below.  Hope all goes well for you JackieD

  • Wondered if this might be any use.   I can't vouch for it and guess it's varied  https://borrow my     also wondered about advertising in vets for  helpers .  Dog lovers might be good people to step up to help. Good luck and fingers crossed. 

  • Hi Jambo6114

    How did it all go with your doggle and drains and recovery? 

    I am coming up to the same situation now, though my whippety-thing is 11, she still goes nuts when I come in from work or shopping. I've been told by my surgery nurse that the bedroom should be completely dog-free to avoid infection of the wounds. At the moment she climbs into my bed at around 6am every morning and we cuddle until I get up.

    I just don't know what to do after the op, I'm so scared that she'll feel neglected. Wonderful neighbour is going to walk her but after five nights away I know she will be so desperate to jump all over me. 

    How did you manage all that. I think for me my doggle is my biggest worry of the whole situation. 

    Hope you're wonderfully well and recovered now. Xx

  • I came home with a drain last July following my Mastectomy and wasn't asked if I had dogs so wasn't told about possible infection.  I found it easier to stay in bed as was losing quite a lot of fluid but my dogs did come in and comfort me.  They seemed to pick up that I wasn't my usual self and would settle in without too much trouble and I had no issues with any infection. 

    Hope you find the same xx