Yesterday I was told I need a mastectomy and breast conserving surgery isn't an option. I feel really unprepared for this and inexplicably sad.

Like everything else on this journey, does this sadness pass and be replaced by strength?

Does anyone know where I can find a mastectomy bra with a 30 inch band? 

  • Hello there, I can totally relate to you. I had a mastectomy on 11th November. I was told it was the best treatment because the cancer in my breast was large compared to its size and I would end up with a very deformed breast.

  • I am sorry, my reply was sent by mistake, unfinished. I wanted to say that like you, i was very sad at the loss of my breast which I had had for so many years, which I used to breastfeed my son, etc. I felt I was being punished because I did not even feel ill.

  • So sorry, it did it again. I wanted to say that yes, sadness can be replaced by strength. I was offered immediate reconstruction and I had chosen using my own tissues first but there were none available so I went for a silicone implant place before the chest muscle and I am very happy with the result. As regards bras, if you have a reconstruction, the breast will swell to start with and I ended up having to wear a bra twice my size but with the same cup. So being a 34 D, the most comfortable bra has been a 38 D and still is. Because the breast swells, the bra is tight around the chest and can become very uncomfortable to wear. Also, ask the surgeon where the scars will be and don't buy bras where stiches will be aligned with your scars as they will make your breast very painful. I have 3 bras from Anita Care and 2 from Royce Lingerie. Another site is Amoena. A bra which opens in front is best and preferably going down your ribcage so that it won't rub against scars underneath your new breast. I was lucky enough to be given 2 bras by my breast cancer nurse, the first one my normal size to wear straight after the operation and the other one 2 sizes larger that I am constantly wearing now. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me more questions if you wish. It is a difficult time but with support, you can do this. Don't hesitate to reach out. Big hug .x

  • the website is a bit clunky to use! Thank you so much for the words of reassurance. I feel so heart broken. I keep waiting for the time when you dust yourself down and move on to kick in, but it hasn't happened. I just feel so empty. I really did want immediate reconstruction but as it is undecided if I need chemo and or chest wall radiotherapy the surgeon said immediate reconstruction could limit the oncology options. So I am having a delayed reconstruction. I just seem to doubt everything though, my mind doesn't want to accept anything! My op is currently planned for the 28th Jan so I have a while to wait, or worry more like! X