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  • Confused about your diagnosis or treatment options?

    A white person wearing a red coat is holding a map.

    Lots of members come to the Online Community with questions. It can be really difficult to cope with feeling that you don’t understand your own cancer diagnosis, treatment options, or information you’ve been given. It’s important to make sure you can access the explanations you may need. It’s also important that you are asking questions in the right place. Remember that you’re not alone, and that there’s lots of support…

  • Are you feeling lonely?

    There’s a lot of conversations about loneliness recently as it’s been a discussion topic for mental health awareness week. Feeling lonely can affect your mental and health and we often hear members of the Online Community talk about how lonely they feel.

    We’re talking about loneliness in this blog so why not stay and read more if you’re looking for some company, or to find others who are also feeling the…

  • Story of the Month: Jennifer

    A woman sits alone on a pier and looks out to sea. The sky is pink and yelllow like a sunrise or sunset.

    Have you ever felt misunderstood during your experience with cancer?

    Here in the Online Community, we’re excited to launch a new series working with Macmillan’s Digital Storytelling Project, where people affected by cancer have created their own videos to talk about their experiences. We’re starting with Jennifer as our first story of the month for May 2022.

    Jennifer has created a video to share her…