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  • Any other guys felt thay look weird after testical op?

    Hi guys just a fter advice how other testicular patients felt in the trouser departmeant after op i just feel im not as big and look lopsided any one else felt like this ?
    • 27 Sep 2020
  • Bless ya hun

    Hi  Sorry I'm new here and was having a look around the site and read your post sorry about my spelling    I know how u feel I had the same back in 2004 lucky 4 me i had 3 young children to help cope with the loneliness. But last y...
    • 23 Sep 2020
  • going to the park alone

    I am alone since my husband died but went to the park with a neighbour who takes his dogs and he talks to everyone. I also go alone, without a dog and find I can still talk to people-with and without dogs-more women are willing to chat. I haven't...
    • 11 Sep 2020
  • Reaching out from the Community Team

    Hello there, My name's Steph and I work in the Community Team here at Macmillan. I hope you don't mind me posting here today. We noticed you'd started posting this blog, but it looks like there's been a glitch in our system which has ...
    • 17 Aug 2020