Waiting for results and dealing with the unknown

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We know from our members that the waiting and uncertainty around test results and worrying symptoms can be one of the hardest things to deal with.

"The waiting really is the worst part"

"If you read the posts for all the ladies of this forum, we all agree, that the hardest thing is the waiting between tests and results and worrying."

The coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately had a big impact on diagnosis and treatment for people affected by cancer. This has made waiting times longer, and unfortunately for some people the anxiety that comes with it is extended too.

"I was due to have a liver resection at Addenbrookes but learnt today that they have stopped, for covid, all liver cancer surgery."

For concerns around cancer and covid-19, you can find Macmillan's coronavirus hub.

Coronavirus hub

But how do you deal with the anxiety around cancer and covid-19?

Well that really is the right question, because no one answer works for everyone. Here we will share some things that help our members to find more calm during the storm.

"Yes I go out for a walk everyday no matter what the weather. Having a dog makes me do that and I feel better for getting out. I also find having something to look forward to helps me even if it is a long way away."

Simply talking to others who truly know how you feel can help:

"It is so comforting to know there are so many people going through something similar who are there to support and compare notes with."

Other members have found that positive thinking has helped them:

"What also mirrors my experience is your positive approach. If I could speak to myself back then, I don't think I would change a thing about how I approached it. I somehow found that positivity, like you. We all draw on experience all the time."


Aside from the wonderful ideas and constant support provided by our members, we also try to create content in our Community News Blog that might help you navigate those most difficult times. Below are some recent entries you might have missed.

We hope that some of these ideas and resources can help you through those difficult times in dealing with the unknown. As always, if you have any suggestions for the type of content you would like to see from us, please reach out to the Community team at community@macmillan.org.uk.