Whatever the difficulties you might be facing in life right now, listening to or playing music helps people cope – it’s a way of expressing how we feel, and for many people an accessible way of venting difficult thoughts or emotions.

Music can energise us, reduce stress and promote wellbeing – it’s no surprise then that music, your favourite artists and songs are a regular topic of discussion across the Community.

Here’s what our members have been saying about music and its benefits...

Post Your Favourite Cancer Anthem

Here, members have compiled a playlist of songs that have helped them as they’ve faced cancer.

“Six years ago, we wondered if we dare look into the future and this song helped us both through chemo at a scary time.”

Here are a few highlights from the playlist:

I forgot to be ME

Earlier this year I asked one of our Community Champions,, to tell us a little about how the hobbies she was involved in helped her face cancer. In taking back control of her life, she joined a rock choir: “…I joined in with concerns for charities and I laughed, and I forgot about cancer.”

The Singing Biker

Thomas255 posted in our Express yourself group late last year: “For me, singing is a life force…it gets me through tough times, whether it’s in a choir or just singing alone to no one in particular.” He links us to his blog where he’s been sharing recordings of songs he’s been singing.

Songs that express how u feel

floralwoman shared in in our Express yourself group the Demis Roussos version of ‘Smile’, and how fitting she felt the song was for anyone facing cancer. She asked others to share songs they felt a similar way about.

“…there is something about music which can pinpoint a feeling so well. There are certainly times when I think a song really helped me get through it.”

Got a song that’s helped you face cancer? Go ahead and share it with us in the comments section below.

Our Community’s not just a place for people to talk about cancer and its direct impact – if you’d like to talk about music, and perhaps songs that have helped you face cancer, our Express yourself group’s a space where you can do this.