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Blog post, song: Take Me Up The Tyne (in a Little Boat)

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Hello again.

For me, singing is a source of life force (or something?)... it gets me through tough times, whether it's in a choir or just singing alone to no one in particular. Duet singing with someone I am very fond of is one of life's pleasures :-)

Today I recorded myself singing "a cappella" a song called "Take Me Up The Tyne".

I won't say more here... visit my blog for more and a link to my recording.

Bye for now.



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What an excellent idea Tom , I will root out my CD collection tomorrow and sing along to a couple of tunes.  It was something I often did when single and really enjoyed. The family like the TV on all the time so I will set the CD player up in my bedroom. Thanks for the idea! :)

I bought a small tapestry at the weekend from Hobby Craft. Just a small one , (a Celtic bookmark) started that today. Its something new and I enjoyed it. 

All the best and bye for now