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This is where you can find out about all the amazing things going on in the Online Community. It's where you'll find news about events and awareness months; ways to get involved with Macmillan and up-to-date campaigning news from Macmillan HQ.

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    World Mental Health Day 2018

    Today's World Mental Health Day , so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with the Online Community some tips on dealing with difficult emotions, and generally improving your mental wellbeing. Whether you have cancer, care for someone with cancer or someone close to you has cancer, a diagnosis can bring with it a myriad of emotions: Anger...
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    World's Biggest Coffee Morning: Court's Chocolate Cake

    This chocolate cake is a family favourite as it retains the lightness of a sponge cake but the tastiness of chocolate. There’s always room for a second helping. It’s perfect for sharing with friends and family but is always used as a special treat in my house, especially if you’re feeding two tall teenage sons. I had given up baking after too many...
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    Womb Awareness Day 2018: "You're too young to have cancer"

    September is Womb Cancer Awareness month and Womb Cancer Awareness Day is the 20 th September. To mark it, Sarah has written about womb cancer and what to be aware of. Sarah was diagnosed with womb cancer in June 2017. She loves jigsaw puzzles, scuba diving and enjoys visiting Egypt where she has lots of friends who live there. Sarah also runs her...
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    World Lymphoma Day 2018: 'My illness did not define us, our strength and courage did'

    The 15 th September is World Lymphoma Day, a time to raise awareness around symptoms and diagnosis. To mark it, Mike has written about his experience of being diagnosed and the treatment he received. Mike, from Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, is married with two daughters and four granddaughters. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins...
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    World's Biggest Coffee Morning: Lass' Baking Challenge

    Hello there! It’s me again, Lass! So it’s that time of year again when Macmillan are promoting their “ World’s Biggest Coffee Morning ”, and people everywhere are organising events, inviting people along, asking folks to bring along baked goods, and planning what they themselves are going to bake. Now of course, there’s the old tried and tested...