Unknown primary..bone cancer and pain dreadful

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I was diagnosed last week from ct scan with bone cancer but they don't know what's caused it so far. My morphine has gone up and up. I'm now on 5 mg oromorph every 2 hours and  cst twice a day. The pain never leaves me . They've just increased my cst to 10 mg twice a day. 

Anyone in similar situation?

  • Hello Friday

    I am so sorry that you are still having so much pain despite the oromorph. I hope that they can adjust it to bring you some relief while you are waiting to find out what happens next with treatment etc. Sometimes it seems to be about finding and adjusting the right combination of pain relief so please keep talking to your doctors about your pain levels.

    I hope that your colonoscopy went as planned and will give you and the doctors the information they need. 



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