Update on progression and treatment

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So finished my third year of chemotherapy treatment about six weeks ago.   Results not as successful as before, but I'm still 2.5 years post diagnosis.

 My recent scan shows no growth in the liver lesion and all lymph nodes normal. So the cancer is "stable" at the moment. Oncologist is concerned about the blood results BUT because there is no evidence of spreading cancer then he doesn't think any treatment at this time is helpful. My lungs etc clear and the fluid in the lung reduced since my last scan 5 weeks ago. I'm now on watchful waiting. I see him monthly with normal blood counts. Then every two months blood tumor markers and scans. I'm to report to GP any increase or changes in symptoms and he, oncologist, will see me immediately. I'm anaemic again, so had a blood transfusion today while I was there.

To add I live in Spain so protocols etc different here. 

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    I'm sorry to read that your results after chemotherapy haven't been as good as they were before but glad to read that you're still stable.

    Sending (((hugs)))

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