How can they not know where my mum's cancer is ?

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My precious precious mum was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.

They know its in her bones, lymph nodes and her thyroid is enlarged with nodules.

She's had an ultrasound of her abdomen which was inconclusive, a ct scan inconclusive and a sample of the fluid in her lung.

They have arranged an mri scan for next thursday as they can't tell where her cancer is from.

How can that be ?

Her ca-125 levels are elevated which is why they referred her for tests, but surely ovarian cancer would have shown up on the ct scan ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, it just doesn't make sense as I would have thought it would have shown something. How could it have spread to her bones but not show anywhere ?

Will she ever find out do you think ?

  • Hi  

    So sorry to hear about your mum, for my wife they think it is likely her cancer started in her womb but they only discovered it after she had a hysterectomy so they cannot be 100% certain.

    If we look at our pages on Cancer of Unknown Primary there are a number of reasons that are possible there. 

    Also looking at the page on CA-125 tests it notes the limitations of the test and where it might be useful or not.

    The MRI scan will certainly give a lot more information although often it can just show for different we are to normal - that is when anyone works out what normal is anyway.



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  • Thank you, its just baffling isn't it. I think we're just all in the cloud of disbelief, then for them to tell you they can't find it just seems wrong because thats not ever shown on tv or anything.

    I appreciate your reply, and experience, Thank You x