From what if to recovery......update positivity about CUP

I've spent the past ten months thinking

What if... ThinkingThinkingThinkingThinkingThinking

What if the cancer is too advanced

It wasn't

What if the treatment is hard
It was...SweatSweatSweat

What if the treatment doesn't work
It didNo mouthHuggingHuggingHugging

What if the Cancer returns when treatment ends


The oncologist is thrilled. With cancer of unknown Primary there will never be a cure. But I have absolutely no evidence of cancer on my scans. Three months post treatment they actually improved. So now it's time to drop the "I've got cancer" to "I had cancer" , time to drop I can't do it's I'm going to do it because.
Life is for living and whatever living means to each person as an individual.
When we left we went for a beer and then lunch. Bought some plants
Tomorrow I awake an ex cancer patient, I never wanted cancer to define me, unfortunately it does slip into ones mentality.
My first aim is to lose the 20lbs that I gained... I'll be pushing myself with Team RH. I'll be walking my beloved dogs from Monday for an hour EVERY morning. I'm looking forward not back. If I ever bring up ..I had a defence .. throw a brick at me, No mouth

Now, it's getting the family over to visit us ( we live in Spain, ... And a little weekend planned , just us in Portugal next month  Thank you all for your support and PM's I know many are going through equally difficult times in all sorts of ways.

Just keep putting one foot in front of another... Eventually ...the goal will be reached

  • Hi

    That's really positive and long may the checks remain negative.  The body can do amazing things with cancer in terms of self healing so you right that at some stage we just have to accept it has gone.  At no stage should we ever give up on life, but enjoy it as much as we can.

    Enjoy the summer

  • Hi,

    reading your post has given me so much positivity as my oncologist as basically given me the death sentence and 12 months to live.

    I have swollen node in my neck, a few in my chest and one underneath my right lung. She has also told me that any chemo will most likely be ineffective. I’m staring radio on 4th July to try and reduce the swollen nodes and then I can decide from there any future treatment.

    id be really interested to know where your secondaries were and what treatment you had.

    im so pleased you are cancer free, that’s amazing.

    many thanks,


  • Hi Cat.    Well since writing the above my cancer January this year.  However,. I have once again had six rounds of chemo treatment and my lymph nodes etc back to normal, finished my last chemo last Wednesday.   I had no secondaries in any organs at all .. interspersed lymph nodes.  I had a biopsy earlier this year from a lymph node near my pancreas but that showed squamous cell carcinoma, as before, no primary...which I was pleased as I didn't want pancreatic cancer.   Please don't give up.  This is not the death sentence everyone portrays it. Yes listen to your oncologist but whilst we have no "cure" we can delay.   Feel free to PM me.  

  • It’s lovely reading about your good news again. Long may this continue and you carry on enjoying life, thank you for being so positive and sharing with us. 

  • Hi,

    I'm so new on this site. I haven't worked out how to PM you! Have sent you a friend request as saw that! 

    I too only have it in the nodes and the same was found in my neck node biopsy. My oncologist told me that it's great that it hasn't yet spread to any organs but that it might not stay that way. I feel really well, so it's all a bit unbelievable at the moment.

    I'm doing everything I can like eating only a wholefood plant based diet and have cut out all sugars other than natural ones in berries and am reading and researching as much as I can. As well as taking so many supplements to boost my money system.

    I'm glad you are responding well to chemo as I was told it might not be worth doing as its not as effective as when they know where there is a primary!

    I'm only 45 and have so much to live for so am not having any of that prognosis.

    I've been told my lymph nodes effected can't be removed but I've heard of people having them taken out so I'm a little confused on that one and I'm tempted to get a second opinion from a larger cancer hospital. I'm in Lincoln where there is only one oncologist that treats CUP. Did you seek any second opinions?

    Thank you so much for your reply. It means a lot to me.

    Cat x

  • I've head one or two removed from my neck as they were pressing on my jugular vein.   The others are so sporadic and tiny you can not remove.  Chemo treatment is effective in many cases...I think it's dependent on where it is etc.  I live in Spain.  My oncologist is brilliant, young and dynamic.   I'll message you. There's a cup group where you can get advice on treatment etc.