Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hi to everyone.  I am reacting out as I know I need all your positive thoughts and advice.  I start chemo tomorrow - Pembo Carbo Taxel and I too am trying the cold cap.  I am 53 and had Hodgkins Lymphoma as a teenager.  I have 2 (donor egg) children age 20 and 22.  Have lost my hair 3 types as a young adult and will try everything to keep it.  My lump is big and so chemo first surgery then radiology they say.  I cant take it all in - the hardest telling me children and my parents.  I think I am stage 3 but I don’t want to know really I want to focus on the getting better.  I had a PICC fitted yesterday.  Any advice on what to drink/eat wilst doing chemo? Love to you all in advance Melissa xxx

  • Good to know no bone pain! I will know on thursday if I can have the chemo - it will depend on those white blood cell count being high enough - for some reason I sense it wont be and I am prepared for it!!

    EC is a combination of epirubicin and cyclophosphamide. I am having three cycles of this (once every three weeks) and then weekly paclitaxel with carboplatin every two I think. I’m not looking forward to going to the hospital weekly but I know just have to accept it is what it is to get through this. On the side effects I’m not doing so bad so far. I’m guessing you will have MRI’s to check the progress of the chemo. You will take someone with you for your appointment with the consultant with you won’t you? Another set of ears is always good.

    The whole work thing is tricky isn’t it - and a very personal thing. I think some people feel they just cant face it -and  perhaps sometimes tiredness will dictate. Also you don't want too much exposure to other people’s illnesses as you will be more prone to infections.

    It’s all a minefield - but we will get through this x