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Hi all. Reaching out for some positivity. I have TNBC and am due for my 8th and final chemo session next week before surgery then radiotherapy. I’ve been mostly able to stay quite positive throughout my treatment so far but I’ve been really struggling over the last few days. I think what’s getting to me is that as I head into my last chemo session I’m praying for a full response as I know this gives a much better outlook. My MRI is due the week after my 8th chemo and I’m terrified it’s not going to show much shrinkage of the main tumour. I know there are still options should I not have a complete response (chemo tablets for 6 months post surgery) but I can’t shake off the thoughts that in this case it’s only a matter of time before it’s back. I’ve tried to explain my dark thoughts to my partner but he just does the super positive thing of ‘it will be fine, we are beating this’ and doesn’t want to engage in a conversation about other possibilities. I don’t want to dwell on the negative and I’m hoping to find some stories from people on here that have been through TNBC, didn’t get a full response from chemo but have gone on to live healthy lives without recurrence and metastasis. Thanks so much in advance

  • Hi.  I had my surgery early January and didn’t get a full response.   Just finished radiotherapy about three weeks ago and I guess next will be the tablets.   I also found instruggles more after the chemo finished as whilst on it I felt I was on a mission.  Keep going!  Just shout if I dan answered any questions.  Maggie 

  • I was diagnosed in June 22. Did chemo (AC and TC). Then had my op Jan 23. There was residual (but not in nodes), so I did 6 months xeloda as a back up. I also did radiotherapy too. In addition, I had  a fish(?) test on my residual and I was seen to be her2 lo - so then had a year of herceptin shots. The year was a bit crazy but I felt in control with all the extra treatment to be honest - it meant I was constantly being monitored which helped. Good lluck on your journey.

  • Hiya - I was diagnosed in April 23 and have been through chemo/immuno, surgery and radio. During EC, I could feel the tumours regrowing. I didn't have a full pathological response (1/3 tumours still existed and it was still growing fast; 3/21 removed lymphs were still cancerous). I am now on 6 months of Capecitabine and have been told that it's a very effective drug. I'm currently waiting on latest scan results and so am feeling a bit fragile until I know the outcome of those but I have generally been feeling pretty strong. Have you tried talking to a counsellor? I would really recommend this. Our local cancer charity offers this and it's great to chat with someone who really understands what we're going through. xx

  • Thanks so much everyone. It’s such a bloomin rollercoaster and it’s a real comfort to hear from others who just get it. It’s lovely to hear when people are getting through this and coming out the other side. I will give the counselling a go as can feel myself getting a bit consumed by fear. Everyone keeps saying how positive I am being so now feel that I can’t really open up to my friends and family about the fear. Thanks again x