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Hi all, recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer which has spread to lymph nodes! All treatable they say, thank goodness! Have just undergone MRI & PET CT scans. I was just curious to know if anybody else had experienced all over body pain once a diagnosis had been given? I seem to be spending most my time in pain. Every day there seems to be a new pain somewhere. One day it’s my back, then that clears and it’s my side or chest. Has anyone else experienced this after a diagnosis but before treatment!?

thank you so much 

  • Hello Ellemen, I just got diagnosed with TNBC. I am still in the process of getting my scans and stuff. Yes I have fibromyalgia and I have been experiencing pain all over my body just like the way you mentioned. I have pain in one part of the body one day, then it clears and then it is another part. Sometimes I have shock like pain for a few seconds in different parts of the body.

  • Hi I was diagnosed in January with lymph nodes and 5mm in my liver. For the next few weeks I felt pains everywhere. 

    Sometimes it felt like I had the flu aches in my bones.  once I started treatment I felt better think I was like all stressed out and I couldn't relax like always tense., sometimes it was my mind also going in overdrive.

    Good luck