Hair loss and sore scalp

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After any tips for sore scalp hair falling out so shaved it to number 1 all over head is painful sore and red spots appearing any tips to help

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    That sounds very unpleasant. I didn't have this happen to me when I lost my hair but don't know if I was just lucky or it was because of what I did. Anyway, in case it was the latter, I only washed my hair every 3 days and only with a very mild shampoo and no conditioner. I patted my hair/head with a towel to dry it and left it to dry naturally. While around the house I didn't cover my head and wore soft head covers when I went out.

    I hope your scalp settles down soon.

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  • I certainly had a very sore scalp just before my hair came out and felt enormous relief after it was all gone. I’ve found the cancer hair care website really good. They have lots of tips and I have been using a face wash with tea tree oil on my scalp. You could also try putting a few drops of tea tree oil into warm water then soaking a flannel in it and sitting it on the scalp, really soothing if your scalp is a bit irritated. Good luck and hope you find something that works for you

  • Thanks both chemo nurse has given me some cream which seems to be helping 

  •  Look good feel better do a lovely workshop online with Cancer Hair Care which has so much information and support for hair loss and regrowth