Nails coming off??

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Hi everyone, im losing my nails through treatment and just wondered if anyone else had lost nails and how you managed just day to day? It feels so weird as they are now lifting but seem to still have a way to go! Any advice/ tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you xx 

  • What kind of treatment ? My nails have got really bad since radiotherapy but were ok during chemotherapy 

  • Hi, this is through chemotherapy which I started on 7th December xx 

  • Some people have said painting them can help. Have you asked the hospital? I use that Norwegian hand creme, but it might be too late for that. Would cotton gloves help? 

  • Sorry to hear about your nails. Which chemo are you having? I’m now on Docetaxel which is known to lift nails sometimes. 
    I have been using cuticle oil twice daily hands and feet since Jan which is better than handcream though I use this too. 
    also painted my nails very dark or black and so far so good but in think rhe impact can be delayed so I’m keeping up my treatments. 
    Have you asked your BCN? 
    There’s always something extra with chemo just when you think you’re doing well. 
    hope it improves Fingers crossed

  • Hi, I was having weekly paclitaxel and carboplatin and now on 3 weekly EC. I’ve tried nail oils and masks and have always used body lotion. I mentioned it to my BCN and consultant previously and my dosage was lowered but ultimately I was told that I will lose my nails. I’ve now started wearing gloves at certain times just incase I catch my nails doing certain tasks. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this but I’m grateful if the Chemotherapy is working that’s this is a side effect that I will deal with. Hope your treatment goes well xx 

  • Glad your dose has been lowered. Nails are so visible and strangely harder to disguise than hair. I think wearing gloves as often as possible is good. I have some soft white cotton gloves lined up for when I need them and toe protectors to minimise the impact on my nails in shoes. 
    As you say, if the chemotherapy is working the rest is minor xx

  • I had this on Paclitaxil - nails lifting and also leaking a clear fluid (horrible).  I found that holding the nails down with plasters stopped the nails catching and also held in place. They are slowly growing out (brown and discoloured) but by trimming as they grow, they're no longer floating.  I did try creams etc but to no avail.  Two toe nails did come off completely.