Full body CT scan

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Hi All

so i was diagnosed in January with Stage 1, Grade 2 TNBC and they found 2 lumps, not too big, 15mm and 5mm however, i have had more biopsies since and seems like my ducts are full of DCIS. My consultant has now asked me to go for a full body scan to make sure it hasn't travelled but its not in my lymph nodes.

Has anyone else been through anything similar? It was not what i was expecting to hear as they initially told me i wouldn't need a full body CT and now i am absolutely terrified they are going to come back with more bad news. I am trying to stay positive but im also a realist and its just so hard.


Sarah xx

  • Hi Sarah

    I found out yesterday that I have breast cancer. I will got the full picture next Friday. I am having an MRI and full body CT on Tuesday and I am truly scared of what this means. I don't have any advice as haven't been through it yet but wanted to say that I understand how you feel and am going through something similar. xxx

  • Hi. 

    I am sorry you're going through the same thing too. It's terrifying. Have you had biopsies done on your lymphnodes yet? I've had my MRI and the results back. They originally said I wouldn't need a CT so it's scared me a little. 

    I really.hope it goes well for you


  • I wasn’t scanned and subsequently found I had a secondary deposit that had probably been there from the beginning. My treatment would probably have been different had we all known, and my outcome might have been better. It’s better to be scanned and know. If it doesn’t find anything, you will have a degree of certainty. If it does then you will be treated appropriately. Hoping it’s nothing….l

  • I found out on Thursday I have TNBC, I'm having a CT scan, awaiting appt. My MRI scan on the 28th. I've think I have scared myself silly with reading, I'm terrified its spread. Currently working on diagnosis of 20mm one area and no lymph node involvement. T1 N0 the consultant called it. Also I'm 39 on Monday, I'm just so so scared and I'm trying to hold it together while my body is aching from being so tense. 

  • I'm so sorry to hear your going through the same thing. It is absolutely terrifying and when they mention a full body scan it just sends you over the edge with the possibility. I haven't heard of T1 N0 before so I don't know what that means but I hope everything comes back clear for you. When are you starting treatment 

  • T1 if I remember  correctly means small  N0 no lymph node involvement. I think the whole diagnosis of the big C is scary in general. Plus every ache, itch and something odd going on in my body makes me think its moving! Also being told I'm an unlucky one as I have no family history of BC just sucks. Treatment I'm hoping to start next couple of weeks, I dont have kids and made the decision not to freeze eggs as I want treatment asap.  Hubby and I were on the IVF list so that was a bit of a sting. How are you coping with creeping thoughts? Mine are worse in the morning. Lucky if my anxiety let's me eat one meal a day at the moment. 

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with TNBC with  1 x 16mm lump in the left breast and 1 cancerous lymph node , had an MRI scan and those results came  back with 4 lymph nodes further lump in the left breast and also one in the right. Just had the full body scan and am dreading the results as it seems to get worse and worse with each appointment . I understand how you feel it's such a worrying time and one day I'm fine the next I can't stop crying. Sending  you a hug xx

  • I'm very similar to you then I think with no lymph nodes involvement but because I have so much BCIS they want to investigate further. Just because its not in the lymph nodes doesn't mean it can't spread and that's what is sending me crazy. I'm the same with every sort of pain or ache I think it's spreading. I've had a sports bra on 24 hours because it hurts when I don't. It's horrific. I have no family history either. Being tested for the BRAC1 and 2 genes. 

  • I'm sorry you're going through this too Julie and I hope your scan comes back all clear. Sending you lots of hugs and we'll wishes