TNBC starting chemo after successful masectomy.

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  1. Hi all
  2. ,2 weeks ago I has a single masectomy with  rreconstruction after been diagnosed with TNBC the tumour was large (5cm) . Yesterday I recieved the amazing news I am now cancer free and no cancer was found in any lymph nodes that were taken Raised hands
  3. Next steps for me is chemotherapy , I dont know anything else regarding how long,  how many cycles etc. I was also offered genetic testing which I have accepted and if it is positive I will have masectomy on my good boob to avoid high chance of reoccurrence.
  4. Mixed bag of emotions as I am thankful for my cancer free status but now I'm facing chemo I am still not through this shit storm yet and understand chemo is no easy ride. If anyone can share their similiar experiences or give any advice I would really appreciate it as I have no clue how.many rounds if chemo I may be facing etc.
  5. Thanks for taking your time to read this and sending each and everyone of you all the positive vibes , good healing , happy thoughts, and kick ass vibes we all need right now HeartKissing heart
  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with TNBC last year and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the lump was successfully removed with a lumpectomy.

    It's very difficult to know how you'll react to chemotherapy. I had 3 cycles of epirubicin and cyclophosphamide (EC) followed by 12 cycles of paclitaxel. The EC was given every three weeks and I found that I felt tired for half of the time between cycles but then would be completely fine for the rest of the time. It did affect my taste buds and I did lose my hair but it started to grow back while I was on paclitaxel. The paclitaxel I found to be a lot easier than EC and I didn't get any side effects at all.

    I'm hoping you'll find chemotherapy tolerable too.


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