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hi everyone, just wanted to ask other peoples opinions on this as i cant make up my mind what to do, any advice would be greatly received. i was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer i  april, before i started my treatment my son in law bought me some suppliments which i took they were pure graviola, curcumin and rosemary.

when i started my chemo i stopped taking them as i thought they may interfere with my chemo and i didnt want to take the risk, googling stuff didnt really give me the answers, anyway after two cycles of immunotheray paclotaxil and carboplatin , there was a problem with my liver and it had become inflamed and caused immunotherapy induced hepatitis, this apparently can happen i had to miss a week of chemo and had to go on steroids, i had my chemo yesterday but didnt have the immunotherapy, im not sure now if i will be allowed this type of therapy now as it may react with my kidney again, has anyone else had this ? any way im worried and thinking the worst that i feel i wont be able to have it any longer and as im sure we are all aware immunotherapy is the new life line for triple negative cancer.

i am wanting to start these supplements again just to do anything i can to help but again worried i am doing more harm than good, any advice or similar situation please 


love to all on your journeys 

  • Hi  

    It's natural that you want to do everything that you can but you shouldn't take ANY type of supplement without clearing it with your oncologist. This is because supplements can interfere with how well treatments work.

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  • Hi thank you for your reply, ok I will double check with my oncologist before I do 

    thanks again