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Hi,  I had my second dose of EC yesterday and already I’m feeling tired and lethargic. I have 1 dose every 3weeks until December. I’m finding the side affects are worse on this than paclitaxel and carboplatin. Does anybody get dreadful heart burn and reflux really getting me down even water takes ages to go down!   Then next week I’ll probably just want to cry about anything ahhhh 

  • Hi Poodlegirl,

    I saw no one has responded yet so thought I would.  I’m finished with treatments now but had EC.  I found it really difficult and they were able to reduce the dose a little and then I managed fine on it.  It will be a year in December since the end of my treatments so through it all and adjusting to life beyond cancer.  Hope someone else responds with current info for you. Sending Hugging 

  • Hi LLcoolj. Good to hear you’ve got thru it all. Yes it’s been a tough journey ! Been thru two previous cancers but this is the toughest journey yet. Trying to keep positive and get thru the forthcoming treatments. Thank you for reply much appreciated  xx

  • Poodlegirl,

    I had a little mantra I used to say to myself when I was at my worst.

    1day/1hr/1minute at a time 

    Pain  will pass (nothing is permanent)

    and that I would get through it 

    I hope this is helpful You will get through it


  • LLccolj

    Thats a good one. I’ve got a positive attitude but little down times sneak in ! Thank you x

  • I had 4 treatments of EC every 2 weeks.  The fatigue was the worse and I found the Macmillan book on fatigue helpful.

    I tried to do something that I enjoyed just before the next treatment.  I was at my best then.  It became one step at a time.  I had some good friends that took me for walks which took me out of myself. As LLcoolJ says you will get through it.  I would agree EC is worse than Paclitaxel which I am now on. Although that is no walk in the park!!!

  • Hi ricki

    i agree it’s the fatigue/weakness which is creeping in today after the treatment I had Thursday and I know this week and early next week are going to be miserable but the last week I start picking up and feel human again then wallop the next dose goes in! Keeping positive and a countdown to the end of all this chemotherapy is keeping me going. Hope your doing well Kissing heart

  • I found the best thing about EC was that I felt fairly normal for the second half of each cycle. Omeprazole was my answer to acid reflux. 

  • I noticed I felt better towards the end of the 3 week period then off we go again. This week I’m feeling dreadful. 
    I have tried a couple of Omeprazole and I must admit they did help a little.