Vocal cord Paralysis after second thyroid surgery

Hi everyone!

I am 28 years-old and on February I did a partial thyroidectomy to remove my left thyroid because of a big lump (4cm) that was diagnosed as benign on FNA. However, the pathology results came back as Follicular carcinoma. So, I had another surgery 3 months after to remove the rest of the thyroid, and for my surprise the also found a small papillary tumour.  

After the second surgery I have been problems with my voice, as I cannot project it and speak for long time. The doctor did the exam inserting the probe to see the vocal cords and in the side of the second surgery my vocal cord is paralysed. I am now 3-weeks after surgery and they already referred and have an arranged appointment to have a procedure done to inject something in the vocal cord next week.

I was wondering if this happened to somebody else and how soon was the treatment? I feel that it is soon to have another procedure done, specially because in 3 weeks I will do RAI.

Has somebody have the vocal cord paralysis that resolved without any treatment?



  • Hello
    Lots of us have had the two-stage surgery that you describe.
    Most of us have had some voice impact in the early weeks but it tends to go back to normal after a few months.
    However, it sounds like your VC paralysis will need extra support. 
    I would sympathise with your concern to have the VC injected before RAI. The RAI is REALLY important and probably should take precedence. If you don't feel right having the injection first, please tell your doctor and ask if it can be delayed. I doubt that a delay would be a big issue - but of course you need to check with your medical team.

    Best wishes


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