1cm Lump beneath testicle.

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Last weekend I’ve been aching quite a lot around my testicles and have had lower back pain which has radiated down to my right leg.

After popping in the bath and having a check I’ve noticed a lump attached to the bottom of my right testicle. The lump is tender and about 1cm! 

I messaged the doctor and within 20 minutes he called me to arrange an appointment. He confirmed that he could feel a 1cm lump beneath my right testicle and has sent me off for an urgent ultrasound. 

He said that the lump was attached to the bottom of the testicle and that the rest of my testicle was smooth. 

Apart from reassuring me I’m quite worried and haven’t been able to sleep much.  I must admit I don’t very often check my testicles so can’t say how long the lump has been there?  

He said that the lump feels like it’s attached to the surface and not to worry but still wants the scan to diagnose what the lump actually is. 

Anyone else had something similar to this? 

  • Hi Coney

    I was diagnosed with testicular cancer a couple months back. I had the testicle removed (orchidectomy) and I am now recovering well. 

    I’m respect of your case, the urologists will most likely do blood tests to check for any particular markers (HCG, AFP, LDH). This will give them some idea with what they are dealing with.

    However, they are likely to remove the tumour and send it off for histology. This will tell them what they are dealing with. Benign, cancerous etc  

    I didn’t sleep much when I first found out. Please be assured that if it is cancerous, it is highly treatable.

    Please contact me if you’d like a chat.

    Wishing you all the best.  

  • Thanks Sonny! 

    if you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts was your lump? I’ve checked my doctors consultation notes and he’s querying sperm granuloma but has still sent me off for an urgent scan. 

    did you have any other symptoms? The ache has gone but I just feel run down with lack of energy, that could be to do with the worry. 

    i Am really pleased that you’re on the road to recovery.  :) 

  • The urologist said my tumour was inside my testicle. So I couldn’t feel a lump as such. My testicle felt firmer than usual and it enlarged to the size of just smaller than a golf ball. 

    My main symptoms were a sore testicle and very tender breast. The tender breast was because of the increase levels of HCG in my body. Not everyone will experience these symptoms and they will vary throughout patients. 

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting an urgent scan. The sonographer will look for any lumps/lesions on your testicle during the ultrasounds and then report their findings back to the urologist. It maybe a torsion, an infection or maybe even a tumour. In all of these instances the odds are still in your favour. Please remember that. 

    I am forever thankful to the NHS. They are short staffed, so I did find myself doing a lot of the ‘chasing’. I’d recommend asking the following questions:

    - how long will it be until my ultrasound scan? 

    - when will the sonographer report their findings to the urologist? 

    - what is the name of the consultant (urologist)?

    - what is the urologists secretaries names? (I called them often, to check up on results etc. they can’t tell you the results but they can tell you if they they’ve received them or not) 

    Overall my experience with the hospital has been excellent. I suppose I was chasing up regularly because I was eager to receive the results! 

    Stay strong. You’re in good hands. 

    Any other questions please fire away. 



  • Hello mate

    First of all a small lump under and outside of the testicle is very common, it's usually a small cyst or an infection hence why the GP mentioned sperm as men get infections of the sperdamic cord. You will always get an urgent scan referral as GP's don't have x Ray vision but they do have a duty of care. The aching will be associated with what it is and back pain, stomach pain and groin pain will also be associated as the cord runs up towards the stomach. Your pains will be heightened and magnified by 100 due to worry. Yes the chances of you being tired could also be due to the worry as your body uses alot of chemicals when you worry and then wants you to rest to recharge.

    A doctor once told me anything outside the testicle is usually nothing and anything inside the testicle is usually a problem. There is no such thing as scrotum cancer and a lot of lumps seem very close or seem attached to the testicle but there not. Pain is actually a good thing as most tumours don't hurt they just become enlarged and solid and grow from the inside of the testicle hence why we get an enlarged testicle. Main points are don't Google, Google is not your friend, the ultra sound is worth having to double check everything is OK. It takes 5 mins and does not hurt at all.  

    Have the scan put your mind at ease and let us know how you get on. 

  • You’re a legend thanks mate 

  • One more thing, they will only remove the testicle and send to histology if there is abnormalities within the testicle they don't just cut your balls off to be tested unless they are sure. It's not like they can just put them back. 

    Anyway good luck with the ultra sound and hope it all goes well. You should here something within 2 weeks as that's the policy for the NHS for urgent referrals. If your GP didn't put it as urgent you would be waiting and worrying for months it's there back door way of getting you seen sooner. 

  • Thanks mate! It’s put my mind at rest. 

  • Update. 

    Had the scan yesterday and there is a lump at the bottom of my testicle on the tube underneath. The report will be sent back to my GP within 10 working days and he’ll contact me. I asked if the lump was any cause for concern and the hospital said it looks like a cyst of some description. I’ve still lower back pain and my right testicle is very tender to touch! 

    I appreciate everyone’s advice and feedback! 

  • Hello mate

    Sounds like you have an infection. I'm no doctor but the lump on the tube is better than having a lump inside your testicle. The reason for the pain is more than likely from the infection. Did they say the actual testicle looked clear inside? 

    Hopefully you will just get some antibiotics to clear the infection. 

    Keep us informed mate.