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Hi all,

Some background information about me, I am 52 years of age and previously underwent a radical inguinal orchidectomy when I was 22 years of age. That tumour turned out to be a benign epidermoid cyst.

I went to my GP this April after I'd felt a lump in my remaining testicle. That is believed to be an epididymal cyst but an ultrasound scan also revealed a small testicular mass inside the testicle of just over 6mm. Blood was tested for tumour markers and these are all normal. My local hospital suspected this was cancer and recommended another radical inguinal orchidectomy, leaving me with no testicles. The fertility side doesn't bother me as my family is complete but I was very reluctant to lose the ability to make testosterone. They were unable to perform testis sparing surgery so I had to ask for a 2nd opinion at The Christie and was eventually transferred under their care. There have been huge unexplained delays but I underwent a partial orchidectomy there on 6th November 2023. I knew it was a rare procedure but was surprised to be told they only do about one a year. That appears to have been successful and is healing well.

I was told histology takes 2 to 4 weeks and was expecting to receive a phone call but have this morning received a letter with an appointment for the Intergrated Procedure Unit on 19th December 2023.  Do they ever give you the results over the phone? It seems a long time to wait when they now know the results of histology. It's difficult to draw any conclusions as to whether this is benign or malignant. Would they always invite you in for face to face regardless?  I would be interested in anyone's experience on this.


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  • Hi There, 

    Sorry to hear you lost your remaining testicle too. Testosterone replacement therapy can work wonders (I still have one testicle but im also on testosterone replacement therapy and its really okay) . 

    Also to answer your questions if they give results on the phone is Yes and No in my experience, depends on doctors. But if you have any contact to them I don`t think its a bad idea to contact them and ask them for the results.

    All the best!


  • Hi Huni,

    The operation to just remove the tumour seems to have been a success so I have been left with most of my remaining testicle. Won't know how that has effected my testosterone levels until they do further blood tests.

    I phoned the secretary almost 2 weeks ago, she wouldn't give me the results but said she would let the consultant know i was asking for them.  No-one called me back from the hospital so I am resigned until waiting until my face to face consultation.