I found two lumps.

Hello, I’m 39 I found two lumps in my scrotum not on my testicles but inside at the base of my ureathra it feels fairly hard the other one is below it at the bottom of my sack. No pain except from where I’m constantly checking them. I can get an erection fine and urinating is ok too.
Aww a doctor today and she tried to feel but I’m so squeamish that she gave up and has ordered blood test tomorrow and an “urgent” ultrasound.
Obviously I’m worried but I’m trying to be. The only thing making me worried is that I read cancer lumps are hard and this feels fairly hard.
Anyway thanks for reading.

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    Finding lumps is always worrying but it's important to remember that most lumps are benign. However, you've done the right thing in going to see your GP to get them checked.

    Do come back and let us know how you got on with the blood test and ultrasound.


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  • How did your bloods and ultrasound come back?? 

  • Hello, thanks for the message. 
    I decided to pay for a private scan last Saturday 14th as the wait was too much. In the private scan they said I had Bi lateral varicoceles 2.5mm and 2.6mm

    he said he wasn’t sure what the lump was maybe a pimple?

    so I was relived to hear nothing too sinister and to be told about the varicoceles, but the lump remains undiagnosed. 

    fast forward today and my NHS scan this morning. I go in an mention nothing about my private scan so as to see if they can corroborate the original findings. 
    he said all clear nothing to worry about can’t see any lumps and that the lump I’m complaining about is just “inflamed tissue”  

    I was in and out in about 4 mins, he didn’t even perform val salva manoeuvre like the first scan. 

    Since the original scan last week every day I have been doing yoga poses specific for testicular health morning noon and night, also taking horse chestnut extract so that might explain why the nhs didn’t pick up the varicoceles perhaps they have healed themselves?

    im happy that I have the all clear but would very much like to know what this mass is inside my sack, I’m thinking an infection? Bacteria of some kind? Maybe a cyst? I will probably ask to see a specialist urologist when I talk to my GP on the phone Tuesday to receive my blood results. 


  • Hi mate, that’s great news. I wouldn’t worry about the lumps if the drs aren’t there’s plenty of things it could be and be fine. I think they say 90% of lumps aren’t cancer when found!! Unfortunately mine was! Was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and had my operation on Monday just gone. Nhs have been soo good. I tried to go private as I was worried sick and they couldn’t get me in sooner!!! My ct was clear so just waiting on oncologist to say wether I’ll need chemo or not it all depends on the type of cancer it was apparently. Glad yours isn’t mate and honestly don’t worry about it the drs have so much experience. 

  • Hi mate , I’m so glad to hear that you had yours removed successfully and hope your on the mend to full health. 
    I hope it didn’t come across as me bashing the nhs at all because I didn’t mean too If so they are amazing. I just wanted the scan asap that’s all and the nhs scan didn’t find anything but like I said I did loads to combat the varicoceles. 
    I’m glad this has happened to me because it’s made me think about my life choices and clean up my act to eat better sleep better and workout a lot more. 
    cheers James. 

  • Yea I didn’t think that mate, everyone has their own experience with nhs etc. as I said privately for my op they couldn’t do it any quicker in fact they were 10 days later than the nhs and it was 4K for it!!! Don’t get me wrong if they would’ve done it a week or 2 quicker I would’ve done it. The waiting was the worst part and it was really only 3.5 weeks from diagnoses to operation. There’s always someone in a worse position mate that’s all I keep thinking!!! Yes being healthier isn’t a bad thing mate. It’s defo made me look at things differently!!