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My partner has Bcc on his nose. He has had it at least 18 months, we went the doctors in Sept, had a biopsy, which took 6 weeks to get the results in Oct/Nov,  we have now just seen the hospital doctor  and he has advised mohrs and a skin graft. He is marked as urgent as it getting bigger, but the wait is AT LEAST 6 to 8 month minimum.

The doctors says he'll have scarring so I am worried that the length of time will make it worse. He is only 38.

Is this sort of wait time normal?

Is there any way of hurrying it along?

Can anyone advise on price (roughly) for private treatment?

What are people experiencs with the scarring and recovery.

We are based in Cheshire and its really affecting his mental health

  • I am in a similar situation. I went privately five years ago and got an appointment and the BCC removed within three weeks.  Now I have another one and made an appointment for the same private appointment but was told 10 weeks for the initial consultation.  I have now got an urgent referral from my GP but I don’t hold out any hope of getting anNHS appointment any quicker but we will see!

    Privately it costs £200 - 250 for the initial appointment, then probably £400 - 500 to get it removed. 
    Others can advise re scarring and recovery but another recent post showed really good photos, which showed very good results.


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