Overgranulation and wound dehiscence

I had a large aggressive BCC removed from my scalp 6 weeks ago repaired with a skin flap and an open wound left to heal by secondary intention. The open wound was about 2.5x2 cm. Unfortunately today I found out that it is overgranulating and I have 5 new wounds where there has been dehiscence. Some of these additional wounds are 1x1 cm and one looks about 5 cm long.  Overall the whole area measures 7cm.  I am beyond devastated today and been in floods of tears.  I got my partner to take a photo and it looks horrendous. I am super worried about infection and what will happen if it doesn't heal and even if it does heal the amount of hair loss now is going to be significant.  I can't stop crying. Has anyone experienced overgranulation/infection/dehiscence or long term problems? How did you get on top of it? 

  • Oh dear I am so very sorry to read this and can understand why you are so upset.  It is no good saying please don't worry as you are going to.  When do you go back and see the Consultant to see what he can do to help you.  You are very much in my thoughts. 

  • Thanks Harlyn. Will reply more fully tomorrow. Xx

  • I go back to the consultant next week but I already spoke on the phone to him yesterday.  He said to get a swab done which I have had done this morning.  He didn't seem concerned and neither do the nurses.  But it's extremely distressing. If I showed you the photos of my head you would probably be shocked.  I know I have been crying a lot.  I am going to have a very large bald patch on my head and I feel devastated.  I feel frustrated because I have been complaining of discharge and pain for the last 10 days and no one has listened.  I do know that infection can cause dehiscence and today because I made a huge fuss they finally looked at all areas of the wound properly and admitted that one area looked a bit suspect.  I feel so frustrated and powerless because I can't do any of the wound care myself because I can't see it.  I just wish everyone would listen to me.  I feel so upset and let down.  Having what looks like raw flesh protruding from your head over a 7 cm area is extremely distressing.

  • Update:. the wound is infected so I guess that is what has caused the problems. Gutted but at least I am on antibiotics now.

  • Hi phenom Just wondering how you are doin g now.  Are the antibiotics working and making the wound heal now.  Hope things are improving for you.  I am massaging my scar but skin graft not as good as skin flap yet.  Getting a lot of puffiness now under my eye in a morning, but suspect it drains overnight as I now lie on that side.  It just seems to go on and on doesn't it.  We go tp Cornwall soon and am dreading the sun. Got loads of different factor 50 sun creams, hats, umbrellas but still so scared to go out when the sun is out. Hopefully we will both get there in the end. Keep in touch and good luck x

  • Hi phenom

    How are your wounds healing now?

    It sounds like you've had a really rough time