BCC and metastasis to spine

I was recently diagnosed with a 2.5x3 cm scalp BCC infiltrating type and am scheduled for Mohs surgery on Friday.  On Monday I was involved in a car accident and they did a full body trauma CT scan which was all clear for traumatic injuries. However, coincidentally they found a sclerotic lesion on my spine.  I am terrified as my mind has immediately gone to the thought of metastasis.  I have been referred for an urgent MRI but has anyone had stage 4 BCC with spinal spread?  Please help as I don't know how to cope with this.

  • Hi

    I'm glad to read that you were none the worse after being involved in a car accident on Monday but that must have been a terrifying experience.

    It's natural to assume the worse when you're waiting for tests but do remember that it might have absolutely nothing to do with the BCC on your scalp that you're having surgery for on Friday. I've done a search in this group and not found any previous posts which mention a BCC having metastasised to the spine.

    If you look at this information from the British Association of Dermatologists you'll see that it says

    "BCCs rarely spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, although it is a type of skin cancer it is almost never a danger to life."

    Do come back and let me know now surgery goes on Friday and also the results of your MRI. Have you got a date for the scan?


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  • Thanks Latchbrook, I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions but it's so hard not to. It's terrifying. I don't have a date for the scan but they said it would be put through as an urgent referral so I am hoping in the next two weeks. I will let you know how the surgery goes.

  • So sorry to read about your accident and please don't worry too much yet, although it is hard not to.  Let us know how your operation went today as soon as you feel well enough.  Thinking of you and wishing you good luck x

  • Thanks Harlyn the surgery is now finished. It took 3 rounds of Mohs and the wound was 5.5cm X 4 which was repaired with a skin flap reducing the wound to 3.5x1.  It was nodular and micronodular so I was relieved there was no squamous element. 

    I also have been wondering whether the thing on my spine was an infection because a year ago I had an acute episode of pain in my kidney spreading to my back and it eventually resolved so I didn't think any more of it.  (My GP didn't get to the bottom of it.....)  But now I am reading that a long standing open wound (which I have had with the BCC) can cause infection in other parts of the body and in adults often can go to the lumbar spine which is where mine is.  The main feature of infection in the bone is sclerosis and the doctor said mine was sclerotic.  I know I shouldn't Google but actually in this case it has given me a lot of hope that there is an alternative explanation for the spine thing especially now I know the BCC didn't have any squamous element.  

    How is your skin flap healing? Xx

  • So pleased it is over for you How long did it take to do it.  Hope the thing on your spine turns out to be ok.  My flap is healing ok now.,  I saw consultant 3 weeks ago and he said it was healing beautifully.  I am now massaging it two or three times a day with bio oil and I have to say it is looking a lot better.  It was very raised which is called pin cushioning and needed heavy massage to get the blood circulating well through it.  It is flattening now and less red.  Keep in touch and let me know how you progress.  Was it as bad as you envisaged.  Take care and thans for replying. We have to help each other through this journey. xx

  • That's great about the scar. When did the pain get better? I have had an awful night and am in a lot of pain.  I was at the clinic from 7.15am to 6.45pm Anguished and it was pretty much as I expected.  I had been worried I might need another round of Mohs or that the wound would be even bigger, or that they wouldn't get it all out, so the outcome was about as good as I was expecting.  It's still disappointing though that it was such a large wound.

  • I took paracetamol 2 every four hours as Consultant advised.  Didn't need any after 3rd day.  I took arnica tablets (homeopathic) for bruising, as they are really good. You can get them from Chemists and you just let them dissolve in your mouth.  I had a lot of brusing down my face and under chin, think it was from the blood.  Think your scalp will be more painful as no flesh there.  Hope you feel better soon and keep in touch. it's good ti share experiences.

  • Update - so I finally had the MRI scan. I had to delay it by two weeks as I couldn't have it with metal staples in my head.  The results are back and have been seen by the GP bit have been marked as non urgent so I won't get the results until an appointment in 3 weeks time.  I just can't believe this! How on earth can they make me wait so long.  All I have been told is that the results are 'abnormal but expected'.    I assume it can't be cancer or they would have told me urgently.  But until I know, I will worry.  

  • Hi phenom Nice to hear from you again. I just can't believe they are making you wait for 3 weeks to talk to you about your results, it is so unfair and yes you are right you will worry for 3 weeks untilk you know what you are dealing with.  How is your scalp healing now and how did work go down, hope everyone was nice to you.  I go to see Consultant tomorrow for my follow up after skin graft.  I emailed him a picture last week as scabs looked awful, he told me to vaseline them and they would soften and come off, which they did after about 4 days.  Still looks messy so will see what he thinks tomorrow.  Keep in touch and here if you need to chat.  Take care 

  • It's good being back at work - had to wear a hat for the first week but now the bandages are off and a duoderm dressing on the back so I am not bothering to cover it.  The open wound is still about 2x 2cm and there's still a lot of scabbing. 6 weeks in and it feels like there is still a long way to go.  I hope your appointment with the consultant goes well - let us know how you get on Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed