BCC Waiting times

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Was diagnosed with a BCC lesion on neck by my GP, way back in Aug 23. Photos taken and sent to the Dermatologist Dept in Cardiff S Wales.

Then received a letter from my GP a few weeks later, advicing me that I would be seen in clinic in a few weeks. With a contract no for the dermatologist department. 
So after 6 weeks and no reply from the clinic, I attempted to phone for a update of the timescale, for appointments and to see where I stood.

Reached a answering machine on every attempt, left my details as requested, with a promise of a callback at there earliest convenience.

it took 5 months to manage to get a call from the clinic, to be informed, that the waiting time as it stands is 48 weeks before I would be seen, and I was on week 26. So I had 22 more weeks to wait.

have since been back to the GP as the lesion has increased in size, and seems to have a cycle of being pearly white lumps, moving to crustness, then bleeding. I’ve not worn a collared shirt since December, as this cuts across the lesion.

GP has been supportive, took some more photos told me I was already on the urgent list  and seemed surprised that the time scale to be seen was so long.

I know that BCC is a lower risk cancer, and in the scale of things pales in significance, to what others are going through.

i would just like to be informed and be given some sort of communication, from the relevant clinic or GP. On what is expected and a realistic timeframe. 

  • I think waiting times are now much longer on the NHS than before COVID.  I have enquired about going privately and have got an appointment for an initial consultation 10 weeks away but one private health care company said it would be 20 weeks.  
    I had a BCC removed privately five years ago as I was so anxious.  I had to wait   two weeks for an appointment so this underlines that more people are turning to private healthcare.  
    Although it is rare for a BCC to spread, it’s still a worry until it’s removed! 


    Life is what happens when you are making other plans!  
  • I'm very sorry you are having to wait so long. Having recently had Mohs surgery to remove a bcc from the tip of my nose, I know the wait can be both frustrating and infuriating. I am sure it varies by location as well. Here in Coventry it is averaging about 43 weeks. I only just found that out, and that is from when you actually get put on the list, not from when your bcc is confirmed by biopsy.

    The overall process went like this: from the day my GP referred me "urgently" to Dermatology at UHCW to the day I had the surgery done, was a total of 80 weeks. That includes a 9 week wait to see Dermatology, who ordered a biopsy that took 21 weeks to happen. Then 13 weeks to get the result. At that point I chose Mohs treatment. From then it was 37 weeks to my surgery, not 43, possibly because I filed a complaint with the hospital. Also, when I told my GP that 74 weeks had elapsed since the original referral and I still had not got an appointment to have the bcc removed, she wrote A VERY STRONG letter to the surgeon (I saw a copy, and she did use CAPS). Right after that I got a surgery date.

    Sorry I can't offer better news. It is now 10 days since the surgery. My nose looks terrible. But here on the forums I am finding that is not unusual. Dealing with a bcc can be a long journey, from discovery to treatment to recovery. But you will find folks here who have come through it and are fine now. I wish you the best of luck. Sherb.

  • Similar, here in Leics. After a 2 wk urgent referral in Feb 2023, I finally was seen in person by a dermatologist Nov 2023 , placed on the waiting list for MOHS in Jan 2023. Told I’d have to wait a year but thankfully got a cancellation and had the procedure 2 weeks ago.

    Totally unprepared for the implications for seemingly a ‘non aggressive ‘ cancer. It’s a lot to emotionally and physically process so give yourself time, space and support to help with the recovery.