Squamous cell carcinoma

Hi I have just recently had 2nd operation to remove cancerous cells and tissues in back of my left calf. Stitches came out today 3 wks after op but still no test results back yet to say if they got it all. This is driving me mad and all I can think of . 

  • The waiting is awful - sorry to hear about this.  Try to put it out of your mind as much as you can.  Fingers crossed it's all out this time.

  • Thank you phenom. It seems to consume my thoughts all the time. I am very positive person and anyone who ask how I am I tell yes all good. It's just the waiting . 

  • Yes it's awful isn't, it takes over everything.  I started meditating just to get some relief from it - I used an app called insight timer and it has been so helpful.  I hope you hear soon. Is there anyone you can chase?

  • Hi Phenom. I am going to ring my consultant secretary in the morning to see if there is any news. 

    Will have to ring doctor as well as my leg is beginning to split open like it did the 1st time . I have hardly moved as well but could feel it pulling and ripping slightly . Oh the joys . 

    Thanks for replying I will look up the app thank you xx 

  • Sorry  to hear you are waiting for results.  I waited 4 weeks for mine which came back all skin margins clear.  It is hard to focus on anything else. Peopel think these skin cancers are trivial but I am afraid they aren't and do worry you.  Please take care and keep in touch. 

  • Hi Harlyn thanks for replying. Good to know your all clear . I did try ringing today but kept going to answer machine. Have left a message so hopefully someone will get back to me . 

  • Week 5 and still nothing. I rang consultant secretary to be told was on lust to be seen , but couldn't give a time frame . This is torture waiting x 

  • This is not good is it.  The waiting is awful and I feel for you.  These skin cancers are taken so lightly and they aren't something and nothing which is waht a lot of people think.  My skin flap is healed and looks okish but the skin graft has a way to go yet. I mnassage it daily but so near my eye no matter how careful I am the cream gets into my eye.  Keep in touch and my best wishes to you xx

  • Hi Harlyn

    Received a phone call on Friday for appointment this Tuesday. Will keep you updated hope your healing well xx 

  • Brilliant news, I will be thinking of you. Let me know how you get on. I am not too bad still massaging the skin graft, people tell me it is getting bettert, but I am not sure, I just think they are being kind.  Take care andf always here to listen xx