Hair loss after scalp bcc

I had a 5 cm BCC removed from my scalp 2.5 months ago with a skin flap and rotation.  I was left with a largish wound to heal by secondary intention and the skin flap also opened up a bit after infection.  I have therefore been left with quite a lot of bald patches on my scalp.

Has anyone else dealt with this?  I am very weepy about. I have worn very short hair for at least the last 25 years and won't be able to anymore.  I feel very upset.  

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to read how upset you're feeling about the bald patches that you've been left with and I can totally understand why you'd feel like that. I'm about to start chemotherapy for breast cancer and, as I've had long hair, for a long time, the thought of having to go short and possibly lose it as well is very upsetting.

    Have you spoken to your hospital team to ask if the hair will regrow in the bald areas?


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  • Hi latchbrook I am so sorry to hear about your chemotherapy and potential hair loss - that sounds very upsetting.  There will be five bald patches where hair won't grow again as they all healed by secondary intention and hair doesn't grow on the new skin.  Hopefully some of the baldness around the scars will regrow a bit so it may not be as bad as it is now but unfortunately there will be permanent bald spots.  Best of luck with your chemo I hope it goes well. X