skin graft after bcc

I had a bcc removed from near my eye and top of nose nearly 3 weeks ago.  Stiches were removed just over a week ago and area is like a big scab.  I am vaselining it and it is starting to lift.  Just hoping andf praying this is what it should be like, been assured it is looking ok. See Consultant in 2 weeks.  Hope everyone is doing ok. I had skin flat a few months ago too for another one near my nose which is healing brilliantly now.

  • Hi Harlyn it's a worrying time isn't it and no one seems to say how things should look. I have received conflicting advice - my surgeon says that all the scabs should be lifted off, but the nurses doing my wound care say to leave them. Mine is on my scalp though so it's a bit different from the face I think.  I can't believe how long everything takes. I had my surgery over four weeks ago and my head is still in full dressings and bandages. I am getting so fed up.  Still getting pain too.

  • Hi phenom nice to hear from you and how you are doing.  Yes very worrying time, think onky those of us who have gone through and going through the treatment understand. Lots of people just brush it off and think it isn't serious, but it is.  Hope your scar heals soon. My Consultant said the vaseline will soften the scabs and it did and they just lifted away on their own, think your Nurse is doing the right thing.  Please keep in touch with your journey.  Take care. Best Wishes x

  • Thanks Harlyn yes the nurses are great they have looked after me so well and I trust them. They said not to use vaseline on the scalp, apparently it's more fragile than other areas.  I am doing ok, up and down. I had an MRI scan on my spine last week as something was found incidentally on a CT scan I had after a car crash just before the surgery.  It's horrible waiting for the results.  Feeling pretty miserable some days.  Fingers crossed it's nothing.  How is your skin flap doing now? X

  • Hi Phenom - Yes know what you mean about feeling miserable I am going through that stage now.  My skin flap has healed very well with me massaging it with bio oil, but had to stop as Consultant didn't want me to get bio oil near my skin graft. I am really pleased with the result and feel in a few months it will be hardly visible.  Hope your scalp starts to improve soon and you feel more yourself again.  Are you off work. Keep in touch with your journey and I will too 

  • That's good about the healing. I have no idea what mine looks like!  I have finally been allowed to take off the dressing and bandages and just have a small piece of duoderm over the open wound, which is apparently very shallow now.  Hopefully that means it will grow new skin over the top really soon.  My hair is growing back - about a cm long.  I am back at work now - mainly on zoom and the wound is at the back so it's ok.  The hair at the front is all full length so no one can see the wound or shaved bit.  However will start seeing people face to face next week and I am quite worried about that.