Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with PMP originating at the appendix. I have to have a full hysterectomy plus peritoneal scrape and part of my bowel, my appendix, my fatty flap, possibly my dream and my liver scraped. Then I have a hot chemo wash. I got my operation date yesterday. I go into Basingstoke hospital on 23rd Feb and my operation is on the 25th. I'm feeling a little apprehensive. Has anyone else had this done? Thanks

  • Thank you.

    I felt the same. Try to eat little & often so you can keep your energy up. If you can't eat ask your doctor about supplement drinks, they helped me. Try to keep as fit as possible. Feeling anxious is normal. I actually felt relieved once I knew what was going to happen. The not knowing worried me. If there's anything you want to ask please do. You're not alone. Take care & stay safe. Xxx

  • I’m on the supplement drinks. Just feel completely wiped out all the time. Never slept so much. Thank you xx

  • I was the same. Hang on in there. Listen to your body & get as much rest as you can. I'm here if you need to talk. Have you got family or friends that can help support you? Hope they get in touch straight away once your MDT  meeting is over. You're welcome. Xxx

  • Thanks Diane. 

    Awful isn’t it. Trying to find the balance between resting and getting exercise but just can’t manage it. I’ve gone from being very active, working full time and gym every day, to sleeping 16 hours a day! Difficult! 

    The specialist nurse said she will ring me straight after the MDT. Another day of watching my phone ha ha xx 

  • You're welcome. 

    I hated the waiting no one could give me any answers locally. They kept saying I was confusing them.

    It does get better after the op. I had to travel to Basingstoke to get my diagnosis then back for my surgery a month later. I live near Durham in the North East. Have you got far to travel to the Christie? 

    It is difficult. I managed to work until a week before my operation but only 4 hours a day for 6 weeks then came home & slept all afternoon.

    Hope you get news asap. Xxx

  • Glad to hear you feel better after the op.

    im only about 45 minutes drive to the Christie. They have just rang me. It is pmp, originating from my appendix. I need appendix removed, spleen removed, hysterectomy and scraping of the stomach and liver. 

    feel strangely relieved x 

  • Thanks. 

    You have a right to be relieved.

    I did too. It's like now you know what you're facing. 

    That's similar to me. I had a total hysterectomy, they also removed my appendix, splean, lower & greater omendum, part of my bowel. Scraped my diaphragm, liver & peritoneum. 

    It's great that you won't have to travel far after your op. It took me over 8 hours. It was exhausting. 

    Did they give you an idea when it will be.

    I'm here if you want to ask anything. XXX

  • Wow, you had a lot done!!! How did you feel when you woke up post op? 

    8 hours to travel too!!? You’re amazing Purple heartPurple heartPurple heart

    thank you, I appreciate that xx

  • You're welcome. Just knowing that your not alone really helped me. 

    Thank you.

    I felt ok. I had lots of tubes & drains still attached so I couldn't move much. I had painkillers that were connected to a pump that I could give myself. Use them as much as you need to as it'll help you. It can be a bit confusing at first as you drift in & out of sleep. It's difficult to concentrate too.

    It sounds daunting but it was ok for me. I hope it is for you too. 

    Look after yourself as much as possible, try to be positive as much as you can. I know it's hard to do.

    Take care. Xxx

  • Thank you. Take care of yourself xx