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Hi. Just saying hello and thank you for this forum. My husband 60 had a PSA test 5.5, PRADs 4. Biopsy multiple Gleason 3+3 in all parts of prostrate. He’s opted for robotic surgery. Op is in May.

 I’m worried about post op complications. My husband has decided he doesn’t want anyone to know his diagnosis so we are keeping it from our adult children. Im grateful to have somewhere to turn for support.

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    Just an update to say that my husband is currently in theatre having the robotic surgery. We considered running away but knew we’d have to face it at some point!  I’m currently sat in a nearby cafe overloading on caffeine.  We were told the op would be 3 to 4 hours and that his first night would be in ICU.  We live in Spain so I don’t know if this is normal practice in the UK.  I got very upset when I was told I should go home for the night so thankfully the staff are allowing me to stay. We have private health insurance but robotic surgery wasn’t covered so we had to pay for the op.  I’ll try and update his progress as I know I found it helpful to read other peoples experiences.

    hasta luego


  • Hi WifeWinnie, thank you so much for the update, Wish i could offer advice on his surgery, but never had it myself, though i know many of the guys have and will hopefully reply soon. I can guess it's an anxious and worrying time for you, though fingers crossed everything goes well and you are home soon. Best wishes and hugs, take care

    Eddie xx

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    Thanks for the update - I hope all goes well and he's home soon - keep posting we are all here for you.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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    I think the hanging around while our partners are having treatment is stressful. I lost count of the number of puzzles completed, books read and cups of tea drunk whilst hubby was having his chemotherapy but we get through it. Let us know how hubbys treatment goes and I know that there are 'experts' on here who can offer advice on recovery and if there are any issues with the catheter. Sending you a virtual hug from another expat who lives in Greece.

  • Hi ,I had robotic prostatectomy 7 weeks ago. I am sure you and your husband will have lots of questions. Feel free to ask and people will respond. It is major surgery but it's manageable and less invasive than other methods. Best wishes and fire off the questions , people here are more than happy to support and advise. 

  • Thankyou. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Update. After around 5 hours, the surgeon called me and asked me to come down to theICU area. The surgery went very well with minimal bleeding and they preserved the nerves (something I didn’t expect so a bonus). The surgeon is optimistic that the urethra will be fine and advised that the catheter should remain in situ for 10 days.  They removed the seminal vessels but are confident the cancer was contained in the prostrate. Fingers crossed. I managed to give my husband a sneaky kiss as they wheeled him out of surgery into ICU. He was still fast asleep and blissfully unaware of my presence. I can visit him again this evening so am now taking a deep breath and starting to relax knowing he is in safe hands.  Thanks again to all who have sent messages or encouragement xx

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    My op was about 4 hours but then that was because they first had to deal from scar tissue from a much earlier op.  My first night was on the the ward rather than in ICU.  I didn't get much sleep but the staff supplied me with drinks and then home that lunchtime.  Seven months on and my PSA is <0.01.  Wishing the best for both of you.

  • Hi WifeWinnie, that's wonderful news our favourite kind of update, you must be shattered, take care.

    Eddie xx