Hot flushes

I am part way through my Hormone treatment and I am having hot flushes about every hour all day and night.

Apart from more tabltes is there anything else to help ( I have started evening primrose oil)

  • That's seems a lot. I'm finding three months into the treatment they're becoming a lot less. Clean cotton pyjamas every night though  

  • Hi E&P,

    Speak to your GP as there are several medications which can be prescribed. Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) and Cyproterone Acetate are both very effective but be aware that Cyproterone can cause a rise in your HbA1c blood sugar so could be contra-indicated if you are pre-diabetic or already have Type 1 Diabetes.

    I took Evening Primrose Oil and Sage Leaf capsules every day and an Hoemeopathic remedy of Sepia (Cuttlefish Ink) every so often when the hot flushes started to increase. That all worked well for me.

    I hope you find an appropriate treatment.

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  • I have the same but take sage tablets and now drinking sage tea last thing at night which seems to help


  • Hi

    I know it’s another tablet, but Provera works very well, ask your oncologist about it or your doctor.

    stay safe


  • Hello E&P.

                       Been getting terrible hot flushes and sweats as on monthly Prostap injections. Started taking Evening Primrose oil capsules a month ago. I contacted my Urology specialist nurse who has referred me for accupunture. Received 10 weekly appts in post today. Apparently it has proved successful in some cases and they said you would know after 5 treatments wether it was going to work.

    Best wishes Graham. 

  • BoroG

    I may have to look into this

  • During my HT, I tried various remedies and found nothing to prevent them or make them less frequent. So I concentrated on ways to make them less unbearable. You've probably tried all these by now, but just in case ...

    The four things that worked best for me were hats, zips, counting and not hurrying.

    Hats are simple. Wear a hat. Pretty much all the time. Your body gets used to it being there, so your temperature control adapts to it. Then when you get a flush, remove the hat. Cooling begins. Fast. It really does work, if you haven't already, give it a try.

    Especially at this time of year, when you're wearing two or three layers, zips are magic. You'd look a bit silly frantically undoing buttons and pulling jumpers over your head, but quietly unzipping a jacket and a (non-Val Doonican) cardigan is quick, effective, and doesn't draw attention. Yes, I know. I once swore I wouldn't be seen dead in a cardi. Now I worship at their feet.

    The third method was based on a factoid I picked up here: Hot Flushes last no more than 4 minutes. So start counting the seconds. I never got to 240. Not sure if I got to 120. It diverts your mind, but it's boring, so you move on to something more interesting. And once they know they've been rumbled, they seem to go even quicker.

    And finally, don't hurry, don't worry. I quickly found that both brought on a flush. Just be cool, and be cool. If you know what I mean.

    I've been off HRT for a few years now, and I don't 'suffer' very often. Mind you, I still get night sweats occasionally; weirdly it usually happens if I don't leap out of bed and go straight to the loo when I wake up at 3 am.

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