Prostate cancer diagnosis

Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and am on hormonal treatment. Saw the oncologist last week and it was agreed that curative radiotherapy is the way forward. Simply a case of waiting for the next step in the process. This is by way of saying hello as up til now there was little to relate.

  • Welcome, and good luck - you almost certainly have many years ahead of you; keep positive.

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Hi Adiekin, I’m glad that you’ve got your treatment underway and that you are here chatting with people. 
    when my husband was diagnosed I came onto this site and felt a lot better for talking to people who understood our situation take care,

    Rish x

  • Thanks Heinous, that sounds a lot like me, but to be honest a little more decrepit. I'm quite confident all will turn out well especially as it's my ambition to make my century! I decided to let all the people  I'm involved with know my position as I've had several friends who have had various types of cancer but kept it fairly quiet but that just seemed to lead to misunderstandings and misinformation, so now I'm free to follow your example, 'smile and move on'

  • Hello Rish, thanks for the response, I must admit it does help as I've read through a number of the entries and it's surprising what small details that I didn't think of come up. It also helps my wife as generally it's as difficult for loved ones to cope with even when you have a good understanding between you but knowing that sometimes there is nothing you can do other than just being there.

    Safe journeying to all.


  • Hi, I was diagnosed in January, my radiotherapy planning meeting on Tuesday next, so I know what you are going through, just go with the flow, and be happy, we have a long way to go yet

  • Hi Adiekin

    I was diagnosed early January, I am going down the operation route but I expect the same things are going through our heads. Just need to stay positive. At present I think it’s probably more difficult for the family than for me. 

  • Hello Ulls, Thanks and good luck with your planning meeting. It's great to know that we can 'be there' for one another via these sites and remembering to relax, take one step at a time. Steady away!

  • Hello Jan52021,  I have a consutation in early May to find out more details of what is happening but I quite agree with you, especially where family are concerned. We have an agreed plan to just carry on regardless and to be forgiving of one another on those off days when grumpiness strikes or we seem uncommunicative as it isn't personal. It's the helplessness felt as a bystander when they can offer no practical help. Whoops, that's starting to get a bit heavy, let's laugh in the face of adversity. We all deserve a smile each day!

  • Jada

    Here is my story since 2010 and it has been a journey of ups and downs FYI. Hang in there and live your life to its fullest-Jada

    4-22-2021  BLOOD STUDY:

    PSA 424 up from 100;  Alkaline Phoshatase up 780 from 650

    3 sessions of Jevtana: 4-22-2021  4-1-2021  3-11-2021

    12-11-2020 1-12-2021 2-2-2021 3 Taxotere treatments. Tests to see if we change to Jevtana.


    i finished 6th session of taxotere 10-20. I had CT, PSA and bone scan 11-20. 


    CT Adrenal glands half size so need to biopsy:

    Bone scan showed progression of PCa:

    PSA went up to 16.2

    We are starting Jevtana December 11, 2020

    Continue with Lupron and Xgeva  


    I completed my 5th infusion and resting 


    i completed 4 th infusion of taxotere  and PSA went up slightly  14.6 to 14.8


    Started chemotherapy today and prednisone 2(5mg)


    PSA 14.6

    I had bone scan and ct scans. I am having increase of metastatic disease so will change meds. I will see Carr Thursday and go from there.

    DECNodules on adrenal glands and PSA up to 3.91 Still taking Enzalutamide

    Dec 02 2019

    I had a CT scan 11/26/2019 and the right adrenal gland had two nodules that got bigger in past 3 months. If prostate cancer we will see if albiterone(Zytiga) and prednisone are working to slow the growth and drop the PSA. I am feeling good and still golfing and walking in HHI 5-6 months a year. Still praying for a cure

    Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things.  Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control.  Accept it and make the best of it.  When you stop worrying about what you can’t control, you have more time to change the things you can control.  And that changes everything in the long run.

  • Thanks very much Jada, fron the replies I've had and the various things I've read on this and other sites it looks like I'm coasting it. Love and healing to everyone, with my gratitude.