Travel insurance

Hi. I’ve got stage 4 prostate cancer which has spread to the bones in 2 places, but it was caught early and I started taking Enzalutamide which has stabilised the cancer. But I’m struggling to find travel insurance. Do you guys have specific companies which have accepted you?

  • Yep same as you, pelvic 6th rib collar bone. I've have no chemo or radiotherapy just injections and enzalutamide, I have downloaded some of the form.

  • That’s really helpful. Thank you so much

  • Hi

    I have stage 4 Prostate Cancer which has spread to my lymph nodes and bones, including my hips, spine and sternum.

    I applied for travel insurance but was rejected by the major players. HOWEVER, I secured a European annual cover for my wife and me for £270 from Insurancewith who I believe are part of SAGA.

    I have been invited to a wedding in America this Summer and assumed that travel insurance would be impossible to obtain. I was very surprised that Insurancewith quoted me £180 for a single trip!

    Insurancewith are good to deal with and very understanding, even with those of us who are terminal patients.

  • Is it just us rejected us , I called insurance with and because I mentions he's having chemo when we are back they refused , if filled out online and rejected that is kept on file as well , I'm fuming as this treatment is after we come back so don't understand how that would effect us 

  • Hi Tina22. Same here though different treatment. It seems you have to choose your words very carefully whilst remaining honest

  • Thing is running out of places to try , allclear would but shocking price 

  • I’m off to America soon and found the same, all either more expensive than the holiday or refused. I found ringing is best, as soon as I declared that the cancer has spread I was refused even though my psa is undetectable.

    eventually holidaysafe cost around £200 for two weeks 

  • That’s another one to add to the list. Thanks so much. Looks incredible value too

  • Hi I was diagnosed with  stage 4 lung cancer terminal spread to liver and bone in 2020. Ive been treated with osimertinib and tumours have shrunk and I’ve no symptoms and have regular scans and blood tests.  I was quoted minimum of £240 / maximum £800 for 1 week holiday cover in Greece. I kept looking as osimertinib is a fairly new treatment. I was thrilled to find who were the only company to ask detailed questions that included targeted oral treatment and there quote was £30