Vacuum penis pump


Has anyone got any hints n tips for pump usage post prostatectomy? Blueish tinge, lack of sensation, cold feeling in penis. We have been suffering with these issues when using the pump/rings.

I have been on sildenafil 20mg and am now on tadalifil 10 mg but still have banging headaches which if anyone has any experience avoiding would be greatly appreciated. The meds appear to me to do anything and I'd rather not take because of the bad head but it's only been 2 months so the nurse wants me to persevere.

Any personal experience shared would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Dan

  • Hi Uguys,

    See how you get on with the caverjet, the alternative which is finally available again in the UK is MUSE -- same drug, but delivered into the ureter without any needles - I have found this to be far easier and more comfortable to use, and works equally well.

    I guess you are aware Cancer patients qualify for any of these via the NHS?

  • Guides to penis pumps are available from your Urology Specialist Nurse- no need to google the market - they will advise the most appropriate pumps via the NHS. probably send you to iMedicare for supplies.

  • Good morning.

    The Caverjet works but obviously the needle is not pleasant, I will ask my Dr to proscribe the Muse, give it a go. Do you have to pay, I did with the Caverjet, normal prescription charges.

  • HI,

    I obviously dont know your circumstances, this stuff is not cheap is it ? But if you had your op' as a result of Cancer, then you should be entitled to a  "MEDEX" - a Medical Exemption Certificate- Ask your GP -- if appropriate you will need to sign a  form FP92A obtainable from your GP.

    Google on "are cancer patients entitled to free prescriptions"

  • Morning.

    Thanks for the advice, I will call at my Dr's, I had my prostate removed due to cancer so I should qualify.

  • Hi

    You ought to ask your Dr about a medical exemption cert too? If you've had cancer which we have you might be eligible for one?

    I had to have lots of different scripts and found I was eligible after I'd paid for about a dozen.

    Regards Dan

  • Hi again,

    I must have been very lucky -- my Urology Consultant referred me to the Urological specialist nurse with the comment - you are definitely entitled to any ED help you like !