Prostate Cancer, and then..

Hello. I'm new to this forum, so hope I start off okay!

Since mid September (2021) I have known of my Prostate cancer, following a PSA level of 6, after a routine blood test by my Asthma nurse.

On October 18th I had my first Hormone injection and knew of the next one, in November.

Meantime, my GP sent me for an MRI Thorax -with Contrast, at a local hospital. This has shown shadows in the lower right lung and a "Glass" something or other, I'm not quite sure, in the left lung. Next, I have an appointment for a P.E.T. CT scan at another hospital, and am told that it is quite likely I have got Cancer in my right lung. A Broncoscapy, which will follow soon, is the next step, I am told. There are two types of Broncoscapy, one has an UltraSound element, for a deeper investigation!

On 30 December (2021) I am before my Thoracic Medicine Consultant, to discuss the findings of the (fuller) P.E.T. CT scan.

It's all a lot to take in, plus most of my Prostate treatment is on hold, except for the Hormone injections, until after my Lung diagnosis. So, I have the Hot Flushes from the Hormones (supressing Testosterone) whilst frequent Coughing at night and trips to the toilet to urinate, leave me with 3 and a bit hours of sleep!

  • You have a lot going on. At least you’ve started treatment for the prostate cancer which will control that at the moment. Hope the broncoscopy isn’t too traumatic. All best wishes,


  • Hello Kevin 1958,

    I hope this group brings you support. It really helps us. Try top strength evening primrose oil for hot flushes. It works for my hubby and maybe drink less two hours before bed. 
    my lovely husband has bone and lung mets so I know how you must be feeling right now. 
    the good news is the hormone injections are the most important form of treatment for the P cancer. It’s already working away while you sleep.

    talk again soon and good luck for 30th.


  • I was told to take my last drink at 6 if going to bed at 10.  This may help you with all the trips to the bathroom at night.  Also cut out caffeine in tea and coffee.  Or if you have to have caffeinated drinks have them in the morning.  I did this many years ago due to bladder problems and it really helped.  The best decaffeinated tea is either Yorkshire or Tetley, instant coffee is Kenco and ground coffee is lavazza.  If you are like my son and have a bean to cup machine you can also get Lavazza decaff beans for the machine. 

    Good Luck for 30th.  The Hormone Treatment will work well on the cancer and most of us had  6 months Hormone injections  - some more before starting further treatment.  Once you know the extent of all this your treatment plan will be sorted.  All the very best.

  • Hello Louli.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I am low on self confidence these days.

    The Hot Flushes are really uncomfortable, I just want to peel off a layer or two and hope I'll cool off soon! My Prostate Cancer was to be treated in January, but dependant on the Broncoscapy, I may well have to make do with the Hormone injections (for it) for the forseeabale future, should my Lung problems be as serious as my consultant suggests! I've never had evening primrose oil, but I will look for some at the pharmacy.

    All the best for you and your husband.


  • Hello freefaller, thanks for your advice on Tea and Coffee. Those are two beverages I do enjoy throuout these long days.

    If only I could get more sleep! My lungs (the nagging coughing) only allow me three to four hours a night, whereas I used to enjoy seven plus. Maybe if I got one of those wedge shaped pillows, it would prevent the worst of my coughing fits! I must look for a supplier.

    I really do hope for a treatment plan (soon) but I appreciate the need for proper investigations (Scans, Biopsies, etc) if only I could sleep properly, instead of this half awake life I have.

    All the best freefaller.

  • Hi Ido4.

    Yes, the Hormone injections are vital for basic Prostate treatment. And (I hope) one day to start Radiotherapy too. I am not looking forward to the Broncoscopy, but know it's a neccessary step to take before my team can make a plan for my treatment. Must try to stay positive about it all!

    All the best to you now.


  • You might also try elevating your legs when you sit down in the evening as this may result in you going to the loo more before you go to bed.  I used to do this and watch a recorded programme or film so I could stop the action while I went to the loo.  It is a good idea to raise your head for breathing add a pillow or two to help.  Try taking a nap at lunchtimes too just try and take time to relax when ever you can.

  • Humm.. Elevating my legs! Does that actually work? I must give it a try, as sitting watching TV, I am oftern caught out by a sudden need to urinate, it's a very uncomfortable urge too. So propping my feet on a (slightly) higher stool, may make things more comfortable, bladder wise.

    I'm asll for the napping, conscious of only having ten to fifteen minutes, or else ruining any chance of night-time sleeping -I am So Tired though, the Radio has more appeal these days, so I can rest my eyes.

  • According to my urologist all the fluids that pool in your legs during the day move back up into the body when you elevate your legs so when you go to bed you may find that with in an hour or so you need to go to the loo so if you do this before you go to bed this may work.  Sometimes you never know exactly what works for you as using a combination of all sorts of things will work and you can't sort out which is the actual one thing or combination of things that work.  Are you on any medication for urinary problems?  If not then ask your urologist for something and if you are then a change in medication may work.  

    All the best.

  • Currently, a new medication prescribed, Tamsulosin: 400microgram modified-release capsules - 28 capsule - take one daily, which is to help my urine less abrasive, when I pass water. Perhaps my Nurse Practitioner Specialist, or my Urology consultant can suggest something for me! Or does the Tamsulosin cover my need? I'm a bit in the dark there!