Questions to ask. Kinda overwhelmed.

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My mind is racing. Just started my journey. 

54yr, very active, PSA 4.66 (slight movement up & down for over a year), all the typical urine problems. Finally 30 day antibiotics and everything cleared up. Now on Alfuzosin Er 10 Mg, and having no issues.

I am scheduled for biopsy. Not sure what to think, or maybe thinking too much. Feeling like I am in the dark.

I received my MRI results w/contrast. Could you suggest some questions or guidance on what to ask during our upcoming appointment?

Procedure: HMR - MRI Pelvis w + wo

Indication: R97.20 - Elevated prostate specific antigen [PSA] PSA: 4.66 ng/mL

Findings: Axial, coronal and sagittal T2-weighted images were obtained followed by axial fat saturated T1 and T2 weighted images and dynamic contrast enhanced axial and sagittal fat saturated T1 weighted images using 16 ml Dotarem. Diffusion weighted images were also obtained. Large FOV axial T1-weighted images were obtained. Comparison: None

Size: 6.2 x 4.4 x 4.7 cm

Lesion #1:

Location: Left posterolateral peripheral zone base of the gland Size: 1 cm

Prostate margin: Abuts the capsule with no extracapsular extension Lesion overall PI-RADS category: 4

Lesion #2:

Location: Left posterolateral peripheral zone at apex Size: 5 mm

Prostate margin: no involvement

Lesion overall PI-RADS category: 4

Lesion #3, 4:

Location: Left posterior peripheral zone, mid gland Size: 4 mm, 4 mm

Prostate margin: no involvement

Lesion overall PI-RADS category:

MRI Pelvis w/ + w/o Contrast RB

Extra-prostatic extension: none Neurovascular bundles: intact Seminal vesicles: intact

Lymph nodes: none

Bone marrow: intact Other pelvic organs: intact.

I appreciate everyone here. Thank you, John

  • Afternoon John,If you don’t mind me asking are you 3+4 = Gleason 7 if so the same as me,I was diagnosed in January,I have started HT 2nd month of injections awaiting RT,it’s a worrying time when first diagnosed as your mind will be racing with all thought’s,try to keep focused and positive and when you get your first appointment then a plan can be arranged,take care Robert

  • Hi Robert, Thanks for the reply.  I have a biopsy July 12th. Worrying seems the new normal for me. 

  • Hi John Itbhappens to us all m8 and all you see or hear on the telly is the word cancer which doesn’t help us

  • Agreed. Everything seems to lead to cancer on google. Keep driving forward. Punch

  • Hi John and sorry to hear

    Looks like they just caught it in time as looks like lesion 1 is near or pushing on the capsule edge unless I'm reading it wrong.

    I think no Gleeson at the moment as you are waiting for biopsy, hopefully that's soon, i assume that you are not on HT at present.

    I had 3 lesions and the largest one just before treatment started was 1.3 cm near the capsule edge. Gleeson 6, PSA 12.

    So if it is near the capsule edge then ask at the meeting about moving things along as  quickly as possible.

    Potentially still curable though which is the good news

    all the best


  • Hi Steve, Thank you very much for the advice. I have a consult this week. I will push them hard. No HT yet. 

  • Ok John , so probably the most important question for u to ask, is lesion one Def abutting or touching the gland edge and if so should I start taking HT to stop further spread until treatment starts.

    But I could of interpreted your initial words incorrectly so  my question may not be appropriate.

    Good luck


  • I will ask anyway. Thank you so much. 

  • Hello  

    A warm welcome to the online Prostate Community - judging by your MRI results, you have caught the little blighters before they have had chance to do too much damage.

    Information at this point in your journey is important so below is a link to our guide to Prostate Cancer, The Biopsy and your Diagnosis.

    The next link is our guide to questions to ask your team,

    You say you have a consultation this week, is pre biopsy or the biopsy itself?

    i hope the above helps, let me know if I can do anything else for you.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  •  I am also new to this game, maybe 4 weeks ahead of you.

    I'm not going to try and offer you any sage advice because the others below are all better than at that than I could be.

    I am going to say to you that I know what you are dealing with, and you are right. You feel as if you are in the dark, and you may also feel that life is out of control

    It gets easier as the medical appointments roll on, and treatment and the plan begins to unfold. I find it is easier to deal with as the plan unfolds.

    Also, the others on here who say "live now" are absolutely right. It is still hard to go, but it helps.

    Finally, we all feel in the dark, and reading the response from the people on here shines in the light.

    They have all been there, done that, and some of them have got several T-Shirts. Encouragement and help is here.