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Hi all , it’s finally happening this Friday , after three cancellations re chest infections, last weeks came back negative, so it’s just a case of getting me through them revolving doors at Leeds st James and get this C out of me , brachytherapy room part one then part two in early June , 

  • I started the HT last Monday and get my 3 monthly injection tomorrow,I’ve already been fitted for my bra Wink

  • Be careful with your dates Jonny. They’re not monthly or three monthly injections.  They are every 4 weeks or every 12 weeks, so a shorter time difference between them. So if you had an injection on 11th April then the next one is due on 9th May.  Seven days is the maximum delay, so 16th May is the latest day that you should be having another jab if you’re on the 4-weekly cycle.   AW

  • Yes I’m 17th in Hossy so I best nip this morning to make sure Heavy check mark️ cheers

    Cheers , Jonny mac

  • You raise a very good point AW about dosing posology. My husband has been on Prostap 3 monthly for almost 4 years now and he is always booked in at 3 monthly intervals +/- 2 to 3 days. Ok, you knew that would bring the nerd out in me. The manufacturers of Prostap and Leuprorelin both recommend 1, 3 or 6 monthly depending on the dose. For Degarelix it is 80mg  every 28 days after initial 240mg dose. Goserelin /Zoladex are every 28 days or 4 weeks.

    All seem to be silent on how many days leeway there is.

  • When I was having my Prostap3 injections the GP practice nurse always reminded me that it was 12 weeks and NOT three months between doses. She also told me that there was a leeway of seven days in either direction but I should get back on the correct timetable with the following injection.

    Having said all that, here is a quote from the Prostap3 PIL which can be found using this link.

    The therapy is a long-term treatment, adjusted individually. Please arrange with your doctor that PROSTAP 3 is administered as precisely as possible in regular 3-monthly periods. An exceptional delay of the injection date for a few days (90 ± 2 days) does not influence the result of the therapy.

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  • Well done  .

    Confusion reigns when the experts cannot agree. I will stick with the manufacturers recommendations.

  • Was just wondering re a chest infection and the anaesthetic, hospital said they probably wouldn’t put me under with infection , but this month was negative and still some symptoms as when it was positive ie a bad chesty cough that gets one up choking , ( then a trip to loo lol while I’m up ) and said I’d be ok to be put to sleep ( well anaesthetic) sleep , so I’m a bit worried they might cancel Friday morning when I’m barking like a good un 

    Cheers , Jonny mac

  • Don’t worry Jonny - the anaesthetist will see you on the morning of the operation and will decide if it’s safe to go ahead. As it is quite a light dose of anaesthetic I would be very surprised if they sent you home. I had a sore throat and squeaky voice (could hardly speak!) before my brachytherapy operation but they still went ahead. Two days later I tested positive for Covid!   AW

  • Cheers , thought they will give me a yeh r neh on morning 

    Cheers , Jonny mac

  • Well they did cancel my brachytherapy this Friday morn , as soon as I walked through doors I was told they might not go ahead as my cough was a concern re anaesthetic, and when I was examined it was thought best to cancel it on spot ! Bugger that’s fourth on trot , anyway the chiefs all got together to quickly get me to have a epidural and to check my prostate for now the permanent seed procedure with external beam , well that was a turn up , one minute I’m going home then I’m plan b , so two weeks I’m to wait for number five of trying to get sorted , but the team at st James Leeds were absolutely brilliant in how they was all for me to receive some thing today , what a weird feeling the epidural is and never felt the needle at all , phew 

    Cheers , Jonny mac