Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer T3 (N1, M0) Advise


Hopefully i could get some help/advise for all out there going through similar diagnosis.

I have a appointment to discuss my RT options on the 20th May.

I had my PSA level checked couple of days ago and unfortunately it has risen from 2.6 to 3.5 ( originally it was 88 then 9.2 after a month then down to 2.6 within 5month )

Has anybody else had similar changes and is this common ??

I have several lymph nodes with cancer spread out within the pelvic area and we are hoping that the specialist says that RT will catch everything when treatment starts ??

All input would be much appreciated.



  • Hello GKW, I assume you are on hormone therapy and your PSA has started to rise? It might be worth getting a testosterone test to check you are at castrate level. 


  • Hi Grigor

    The drop in PSA is normal when on hormone therapy, it can rise all fall depending on lots of things, like excersize what you ate or drank before blood tests. The radiotherapy attacks and shrinks the prostate and helps kill of cancer cells, if it’s in your pelvis as mine is apart from other bones, I take Alca D3 it’s a calcium tablet helps build up the strength in the bones, ask you doctor about it, you can only get it on prescription.

    Stay safe