Hi all

Yesterday I had my Brachytherapy operation at the Royal Marsden. 
the team were fabulous and the operation went well.

To all of you facing this please know that the soreness and discomfort, which is not as bad as I expected, are all worth it to be able to say rather than I have cancer, I am now fighting cancer. 

I feel full of hope and it feels good. Good luck to you all.


  • Hi Martyn,

    I like that outlook you have, I have it , no I’m fighting it and beating it , that’s how I’m going to feel thanks.

    all the best Tony.

  • Hi Tony

    Its a great feeling to have it done and to start moving forwards. Are you going to have brachytherapy?

  • Is it the low dose rate brachytherapy seeds that you had?

    Was surgery an option? 

    Are you able to share why you chose Brachytherapy over Surgery?


  • Yes low dose Brachytherapy seeds. I am stage 2 and 57 years old. Both my partner and I decided this was the best option as it has less side effects, it also has the 80% success rate that the full operation has. 
    my surgeon is also a leading Brachytherapy surgeon at the Royal Marsden. I like my chances of a normal life after treatment with this procedure. 
    So far I feel for me it was the right choice. Before the meeting we were both keen to have the full surgery but this changed during the explanation. 
    I would be very happy to give you more info if it would help?

  • More info would definitely help me.

    Sounds like a similar situation I'm in, spoke to surgeon last week and came out thinking ok not so bad with a lot of luck.

    I expect it will be the same after a talk with Branchytherapy consultant.

  • Yes you do need to talk to the experts.

    your age, your general health and weight are taken into account with both operations. The fact is if you are being offered both you must be healthy enough to do both. This is a really positive sign. You are already ahead.  
    With the full prostatectomy operation the entire prostate goes as well as the glands between the bladder and prostate. The chances of side effects are quite high and a sex life after the full operation can be limited. The consultant will have explained this to you. 
    with Brachytherapy the chances of some normality remain. Whilst the operation for Brachytherapy is as long, I was under anaesthetic for over 3 hours on Friday, the recovery time is shorter. 
    For me personally leaving me somewhat intact was worth a try. 
    amazing things have been done with the treatment of prostate cancer and in the next 10 years this could leap forward again In the next 10 years.

    I am in recovery at the moment and the pain has reduced and I am off pain meds. However It’s not totally easy and I am hoping to be fully back on my feet by the end of the week. 

    I don’t know your name or your age. But please listen to the experts as your particular situation is unique to you. I hope something I have said helps you with the decision. You are not alone.  The NHS is amazing when it come to this cancer treatment.

  • Hi, Husband had Brachytherapy in February at The Christie 

    Brachytherapy with boost.

    We do BiG 7 miles plus walks, little side effects bit strangely numb hands ( on hormone pills too). Some incontinence but otherwise all good.

    Good luck everyone. The treatments are superb.