Is this depression ?

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Hi I’m pretty new on this site, but need advice. 
my husband was diagnosed with PC just over a year ago and has gone through around 12 sessions of chemo FOLFIXINOX). At the beginning he was pretty upbeat about it, even though the treatment was gruelling. But after our last review (2 months ago) they told us the chemo was no longer working and to now have palliative care. Since we learnt about this he seems to of gone downhill a lot and everything seems to be an effort for him. I’m wondering if this is depression or the cancer is beginning to take over. I know this is an aggressive cancer. Is it really this quick? (He is only 55)

    • Hi it could be a combination.  Do you have a Nurse Specialist you could speak to. Wishing you all the very best in this difficult time. My husband was told 2 months ago he is Pallative it's like the elephant in the room. Currently  he's keeping physically reasonably well but has good and bad days comming to terms with being Pallative 
  • More like a herd of elephants. I sometimes feel like I’m his worst enemy. I not even sure how much I can actually do to help him with all this patient confidently stuff or getting him to agree to seeking help. From our meeting with our local palliative team, I am still as confused as ever as what I can do. My husband is good at putting on an act in front of others, then collapsing in private, a trip in an ambulance, feeling better in hospital & repeat… I don’t know how to help him

  • Hi I recognise feeling like your the enemy, I think some of that is they are scared and don't know how to cope or deal with what's happening as they have no control.  My husband go's I to what I call performing pony. Make sure you can talk to someone. All the best