Bloating and Vomiting


i have stage 4 PC and had 6 cycles of chemo so far but has not made good effect.

So now waiting for another chemo but different drug call GemCap.

my main issue is keeping the food down after eating.

I have appetite and enjoy most of the food specially breakfast.

but after eating and after about 4 hours or more I get bloated with sever pain some times end up vomiting which is painful.

I do take any sickness tablets and some days it works but even if not getting sick the second meal after breakfast causes bloating with sever abdominal pain.

Doctors and hospital say this is because of tumour and nothing can be done expect by eating small amounts several times a day which really not only difficult to regulate but still adds up in the stomach.

My on line search finds what is called “Delayed Gastro Emptying “

which is it takes long time for food to pass from my stomach.

Has anyone similar experience and any advise

many thanks 

  • Hi Liveon

    My husband has Stage 4 PC and he chose not to go ahead with Folfirinox after only one infusion as he found it so difficult. 

    You say that you are taking sickness meds but have you been prescribed Metoclopramide, which assists the foods passage through the system? The doctors are right, don't expect to eat meals now, just have several small amounts of food throughout the day and that should help your problem with sickness. Chew well and eat slowly.

    Hope that this is useful to you and wishing you the best of luck xx