New advanced stage :(


My Mum has recently been diagnosed with late stage Pancreatic Cancer.  She was jaundiced, following the usual tests confirmed the cancer is inoperable and has spread to liver and likely other places.  This is still very new information and very difficult to deal with.  She was fit and healthy before this.  She is now in hospital with an infection.  We await further discussion regarding chemo but most likely palliative care processes.  Dr suggests weeks/months prognosis. 

I welcome any advice to make sure my mum is getting the best treatment, benefits and options available to her.  

many thanks

  • Hello Whatdayisit

    This is very sad news about your Mum and will be difficult to take in. I have been on this site for around six years and one thing I have learned is that pancreatic cancer progresses differently with different people. I think the main thing for when she is discharged is to make sure that there is a care plan in place and to get some advice on nutrition. Also ensure that if she has pain - and not everyone has - that it is well managed. Community nurses are good at this and the palliative care team will be helpful.

    If chemo is offered, then in my personal view, and I respect other views, your Mum needs to take into account where her quality of life in light of possible extra time.


  • thank you Squeaky that's really helpful.  The chemo point is certainly something we have become less interested in now we know prognosis is not that great.  we see oncology once the is out.  once she is fitter its a conversation but currently they would not offer.  the point on nutrition is very helpful and agree very important.

    thank you