Drinking after Whipple


Please can anyone tell me how long after a Whipple and just started chemo - Gem/ Cap did you try alcohol, and was there sny bad effects.


  • I had my Whipples in April and have just finished my six months of GemCap two weeks ago. My oncologist told me no alcohol while I was having treatment but when I finished I asked if I could have the occasional drink and he said, go for it. But not to overindulge. He didn’t think there was any harm in the occasional drink but bear in mind you have very little pancreas left and your liver has to do extra work so drinking should probably be left to a minimum. Speak to your doctor about it - not everyone thinks the same.

    I had my first glass of wine on Christmas Day after not drinking alcohol for nearly two years and I have to say it was lovely!

  • FormerMember

    Everyone reacts differently to food, drinks, meds. I did have the occasional drink while on Gem/cap, but honestly I felt like it was empty calories. I needed to make sure my calories counted to keep up my strength. 

    Kiwi is right - check with your medical team and be aware of your body’s limitations. 

  • RagilTagil

    What is the relevance of your post in relation to Whipple surgery?