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Has anyone got pancreatic cancer in head surrounded by blood vessels ? I want chemo to shrink or any other treatment and I’m thinking vit c intravenous ? But oncologist not interested, I’m getting second opinion praying if shrank can operate , anyone gone through this? 

  • I was diagnosed with cancer in the head of the Pancreas with blood vessel intervention in October 2022. It was however confined to the Pancreas.  I started Chemo in December 2022 in the hope of shrinking the tumour and that an operation could be performed.  I was on GemAbraxine from December 2022 until November 2023, with together with SBRT Radiotherapy in August 2023, but unfortunately the tumour did not shrink.  It is however stable and I am currently being monitored every three months (Scan today).  I feel very well at the moment and I am hoping that all the treatment will keep it stable for some time to come.  

  • Hi Thankyou for replying, we’re you told that was possible to shrink then operate? I was told mine was 270 degrees around then they said no it’s all around blood vessels , I’m starting chemo tomorrow foliflonox mixture of 3 ? For 3 months then scan , I’m sorry yours didn’t shrink but pleased your doing well and monitored , what is sbrt? Do you do anything else I’ve heard intravenous vitamin c is good and fasting just water on chemo days ? I’m pleased your feeling well through this .

  • Hi they always said they would try to shrink the tumour with a view to operating but unfortunately for me that didn't happen.  SBRT is short for Stereotactic body radiotherapy.  I live in Ireland and it is relatively new here.  Instead of getting radiotherapy over 5/6 weeks you get 5 doses of high intensity radiation.  They are having good results in the States (I sought information on the Cleveland Clinic Web Site and Sloane Kettering Cancer Centre Web Site).  I am hoping it will keep the tumour stable for longer than normal.  I am also lucky that, so far, the cancer hasn't spread outside the Pancreas.  No one ever mention Vitamin C to me as a form of treatment or fasting on Chemo days.  Drinking plenty of water yes but eating is a must as, here anyway, keeping your weight up is considered very important.  I also take Creon with everything I eat.  This is an emzyme that is normally made in the Pancreas to digest food but the cancer interrupts this process.  It is prescribed by the hospital so maybe ask them about this tomorrow if they don't suggest it to you.  Best of luck