Far Away Family

My 66 year old mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with PC, she lives in Portugal as an ex pat. We are so worried and are flying out end of the week. The information we have so far is that it's quite advanced approximately over two inches and has spread beyond the pancreas. From what I have read she seems unsuitable for surgery as she is so weak cannot walk and has lost so much weight is dangerously malnourished. She's having more scans/tests this week so hope to know more soon. Has anyone had similar family or personal experience and if so what are the treatment options please.

  • Hi

    Sorry to read about your news, this sounds like a really stressful situation to deal with over such distance. I hope the tests will find her well enough to be offered a couple of chemo options to consider, I think thats the standard in the UK as far as I know anyway.

    There are nutritional shakes which can be prescribed for adding calories/nutrition and Creon tablets can be prescribed to take with food to replace enzymes required to digest food/gain weight that type of thing so worth enquiring if she has had any of those to start with in maintaining weight while they investigate.

    Best of luck X

  • Hello PAC69

    I tried to respond yesterday but the system was down and then my note was lost!

    I am sorry to hear your news.

    If PC has spread then chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be offered but this is usually on a palliative basis to relieve pain. But there are good painkillers too. The medics have tests to determine whether a person is well enough to receive chemo.

    As SaffD nutritional shakes are available and Creon taken with food can help.


  • Thank you for your kind responses.

    My mother in law went to her GP yesterday and upon seeing her they booked an ambulance to take her straight to hospital. Her sickness continued through the night and now she is on a drip to replace minerals. She unfortunately is still on a trolley in A & E but hopefully they will find her a bed tomorrow. All of this however has meant she didn't get to have the MRI was had booked today. I know it's not where she wants to be but atleast she is getting the care she needs.